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Base cleft to treble cleft?

I am wondering whether you can translate a sheet of music from Base Cleft to Treble Cleft. Can you do it? It's probably possible,but how do you do it? Please answer in detail if possible thank you.

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    Yeah, think of the two clefs like one big clef, the treble clef is on top, and there's one ledger line in between the two, which is middle c.

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    what is, is the first 7 letters of the alphabet which is ABCDEFG-notes are either on a line a space. on the piano the lowest note starts with line and then space, then line. On the piano in the bass clef G is located as Line 1 and the next is a space which is A and then Line B. In the treble clef, E is on the line and it's on the 5th E on the piano. The saying in the treble clef lines are Every Good Boy deserves Fudge,and the spaces are FACE and both clefs are made up of 5 lines and 4 spaces. In the bass clef G2 is a line and skip(this is a space) to B, D, F, A. That's another way to start. A really great book is notespeller from John Schaum. Practice. If you have any more questions you can e-mail me.

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    Yes you can transpose (not translate) music written on the Bass (F) Cleff to the Treble (G) Cleff.

    I am most familiar with guitar and bass transposing since both instrument play in concert key.

    That is, when guitar and bass play the note "C" an electronic tuner would register the note "C"

    But the guitar and bass "octave" transpose-the pitch they read to an octave higher than the sound that comes out of the instrument.

    Guitar and bass raise their notes an octave higher to keep the majority of the notes on the staff for easy reading.

    Using middle "C" as a reference point (middle "C" in guitar music is half way between the Treble and Bass Cleff) the next higher C on the guitar will be an octave above middle "C" (Treble or "G" cleff)and the next lower "C" on the guitar will be an octave Below - (Bass or "F" cleff).


    is a very helpful source to every musician who wants to progress in their playing.

    The book cost $19.95 with a CD and is

    available at all major book stores.

    I strongly recommend it for guitar players

    The author is a classical guitar educator

    Source(s): I read and have learned from the recommended book above. I play the classical guitar, mandolin, and Baritone Ukulele
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    Use Middle C as your base point and then allow sufficient ledger lines below the treble clef to transpose the notes to their pitch.

    While guitar music is written and played in the treble clef (G), the actual note pitch is in the bass clef (F). With this in mind, the guitar's Middle C is one octave below the piano's Middle C.

    Source(s): Long-time player--52 years
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    Yes, you can TRANSPOSE sheet music from bass clef to treble cleff.

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    yeah i think it is called transpositin when you do it like in another key,

    maybe not what your looking for but worth a try

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