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Natural sweat stain removal?

Hi, I don't use anything tested on animals or harsh cleaners that hurt the environment (eg bleach) My boyfriend sweats profusely & im having trouble with his stains in his armpits, they are yellow & actually make the fabric stiff & ruins shirts after only 2-3 wears. I have soaked them & used natural wash booster but i cant get rid of them, any ideas? His polo shirts for work are white & it really effects his self esteem.


FYI- I have actually used bleach on them in the past but that didn't work at all either.

He has used every deoderant known to man, nothing works at all!!!

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    Fels Naptha works wonders on stains. It's looks like a bar soap and you can find it at most stores (meijer, walmart, ect). it can get red kool-aid out of white shirts so i assume it'll work on sweat stains. Just get the stain wet, rub the soap on the stain and let it sit for about 2 minutes before washing. it's also not a harsh cleaner or tested on animal. :)

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    i think you have no option but to use bleach. maybe try asking him to change deoderant once the stains are gone because sometimes after using a deoderant for a long time it stops working for you and maybe if you really want but im not to into this idea you can get botox injections on your armpits that permantly like dissolve or shrink

    (im not sure) the sweat glands and no more sweat but i would have a doctor look into that if the idea interests you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dear Shannon O,

    Arm & Hammer powdered laundry detergent was formerly marketed as an "odor eliminator" -- the formula has not changed and it is very effective. I too have a family member who -- well, simply stated, he stinks. We have to stay away from all poly fibers (only natural) because nylons and polyesters "trap" body odor.

    Oxyclean will assist in brightening the whites without the harsh environmental impact. Dawn dish detergent will break down the oils (it's used on water foul after oil spills, so it is pretty safe).

    Good luck with these products. They have worked wonders in our household.

    Source(s): He stinks less now, thank you.
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