My daughter is of 5 yrs going to participate in fancy dress competition, can any one suggest except princess?

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dress her up as a little miss universe winner that would be cute
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  • dazzling girl answered 5 years ago
    leaders,baby , dust bin with some attractive quotes like don't rubbish your place, joker, as statue, as a mud girl all the best for ur daughter, and i gave the suggestions who got first prizes all the best.
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  • Sanya answered 5 years ago

    y do nt u try any story character or any god like
    sita or radha

    it luks gud on small kids

    cuz other dan dese thngs ntthin' suits girls....

    hope u lke d ans
    best wishes
    all best
    may u're daughter win d first prize
    cheers :-)
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  • sneha m answered 6 years ago
    u can make her little mermaid .its a walt disney character
    make her wear a swim suit and tights and apply on her legs half portion of fish tail beautifully coloured and make her wear beads
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  • Preety answered 6 years ago
    u can try
    police officer,
    kuchipudi dance costume
    mother teresa ,
    army..................................... etc
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  • karthik answered 6 years ago
    dress up like a police officer. as this may be a old style u can cover the audience like giving a small speach against terroist as dis may me new. and also other parents can think dat "wow even in diz age she is aware abt public." try it. gud luck for ur daughter.
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  • Anupama answered 6 years ago
    hey u can dress her up like saint(rishi-
    can use cotton on her head n for beard,use white dhothi,bare foot,rudrakshi).
    it'll really look different.
    you can trymakingn her goddess of flower.
    make a dress full of flowers.
    try Kalidasas Shakuntala also.
    am sure now a days ppl dont try these.
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  • cali girl answered 6 years ago
    a little celebrity
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  • Aquariusbabe answered 6 years ago
    barbie or something and i hope she wins
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  • Asker205 answered 6 years ago
    you can go to different shops and look for something you and your daughter like.
    here are some shops i know:wal - mart, jcpennny
    you can also watch tv to see if there are commercials about dresses and you can go to that shop.she can be a fairy, a cheerleader, and even an animal.
    plus, you can go to diffrent websites and google if you cannot find any dresses.
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  • m.c ♥ answered 6 years ago
    bumble bee
    greek goddess
    disney characters - tinkerbell, snow white.

    hope it helped :)
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  • Molly answered 6 years ago
    Maybe a Fairy.
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  • ashley answered 6 years ago
    why dont you try lord krishna.i did it when i was in nursery and i won too.dont you mind but you can also try a witch.u can take some tips from the internet or the harry potter movie.if u opt for the witch dont forget to take broomstick as a prop.all the best.
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