who are the best role models in pro soccer/football?

Not looking for just good players, but who would you root for, not just your favorite team, but maybe guys who do good things for charity, good things for their community, good things for kids, are especially spiritual, etc. Who is most benevolent or best role model for kids? EPL, SPL? Even Serie A?

I think about a David Robinson in the NBA or Kurt Warner in the NFL as guidelines.

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    Marcus Hahnemann at Reading FC in England, does a lot of community work including helping kids learn to read and also donates his Goalkeeper Jersey after every game to someone in the crowd (usually a child or disadvantaged/disabled fan) at his own expense - he buys his own shirts.

    David Beckham, for all his critics, has actually done a lot for the game and has been a great ambassador for English Football. He has worked to improve the facilities and training available to young players through his soccer schools and has shown great dedication in reaching (and exceeding) 100 caps for England.

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    Roque Santa Cruz, Paraguayan forward for Blackburn Rovers.

    He could have left the club by now for a much bigger paycheck, but stayed instead because he appreciated that Blackburn took a chance on him when his career seemed in doubt due to injuries.

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    Brett Farve. The guy is one of the nicest, most down to earth players in all of professional sports.

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    definately kaka or ronaldinho! they both are willing to set their teammates up rather than go for the glory themselves! they also are great players and sports

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    David beck ham and kaka

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