Who are the best role models in EPL?

Not looking for just good players, but who would you root for, not just your favorite team, but maybe guys who do good things for charity, good things for their community, good things for kids, are especially spiritual, etc. Who is most benevolent or best role model for kids? EPL, SPL? Even Serie A?

I think about a David Robinson in the NBA or Kurt Warner in the NFL as guidelines.

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    linvoy primus for portsmouth fc,

    he does loads of charity work every day,

    he walked the great wall of china for charity and he teachies reading in the younger schools round pompey like 2/3 times a week, ya wouldnt get becks helpin out anywhere,

    he lives for charity and hes one of the best role models i`ve eva meet,

    hes also a good role model for football too,as he signed and never played then got back in the team and won every award goin goin for us on our first year in the EPL,then lost his place through injury but is now on his way back in the squad from what i hear!!!

    true gent!!! nevr meet a nicer bloke!!!

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    1) Jamie Carragher - Gives his all in every single match (Determination)

    2) Steven Gerrard - Carries the Liverpool team by himself (Leadership)

    3) Oliver Kapo - Gave a stewart his car when he ask for his boots (Generosity)


    1) Messi - Small, keeps getting knocked over but picks himself up and keeps fighting (Determination)

    2) Casillas - Fast and alert keeper (Alert)

    3) - Cant Think OF Any-

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    1.Frank Lampard

    2.Michael Owen

    3.David Beckham

    4.Jamie Garragher

    5.Joe Cole

    6.Theo Walcott

    7.Emile Heskey

    I vote for David Beckham as Number 1 Best Role Model even if he is no longer in EPL

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    Roque Santa Cruz, Paraguayan forward for Blackburn Rovers. He would have left the club by using now for a extra physically powerful paycheck, yet stayed rather because of fact he favourite that Blackburn took a huge gamble on him while his occupation looked uncertain because of injuries.

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    Milan-Kaka the best soccer player in Seria A and Brazil.He got dribbling skills,passing skills and scoring skills.A great shoter with his right leg.Powerful and usuful.

    Pirlo-The best playmaker in the world.He is the best passer,(long,short passes and through balls)the best free kick striker and he's a good dribbler.

    Ronaldihno-a player who can shot diffrent shots and he's great


    Messi-The world's best soccer player and dribbler.

    Eto'o-One of the most skilled strikers now.






    Source(s): FIFA 2009 and me
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    Michael Owen

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    1 decade ago

    Joey Barton.

    Ok the real one is Steven Gerrard. Always "unlucky" to get injured everytime England has an international friendly. He can play 40 games in row for Liverpoll without getting injured

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    1 decade ago

    Tim Howard. Everton goalkeeper.

    He fits your description.

    Kaka for Serie A.

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    Emanuel 'Mad Dog' Pogatetz - Middlesbrough FC Captain - Ultimate role model, even when he tries to break peoples legs

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    1 decade ago

    Just for simply being a class player and playing with a smile on his face...Jimmy Bullard of Fulham.

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