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POLL: Snow or Sun........?

I've just heard the local weather forecast here and it says possible snow which I'd rather do without - but which do you prefer, snow or sun?


CMP: I'm envious. Is there any way you could maybe deflect some sun my way with a huge mirror or something?

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    I can see you're in your weekend mode already Scoundrel. And Browneyez has given the second piece to her puzzle.

    To answer the question. SUN!!

    Sorry... maybe that wasn't loud enough...

    Anyone (as Ted can attest to) that lives in the Northeast gets more snow than they can handle... usually measured by the foot. Besides, cold and wet is not my idea of fun. I'll take sun and sand every day of the week.

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    SNOW!! I live in Texas, we are lucky if we get a good ice storm, much less some snow. The most I have seen fall here was 4" and it lasted all of a day, so let it snow on me, I have enough sun to take it for granted. Here we haven't even busted out the "winter" jackets.

    Sending you all warmth!! Scoundrel, you sure don't look cold in that picture, quite the opposite!

    Remember though that I have never had a white Christmas and that we will stay for a couple of months above 98 here, so while today we have a "cold" front with a high of 54 we pay for it in August.

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    Well, its been in the 20's all week with snow pending--

    I think I'll take the sun any day over snow. Of course living in New England is not the smartest place to be if you hate the cold.

    Courtney, I would like to see you "bust" out of your winter coat!!!

    Can't really think of a place I'd rather be.

    MHB-- I feel your pain. You know it's bad when you have to shovel a path to get to the snowblower.

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    I like snow AND sun if possible...but if I had to chose between the two I'd have to say sun. I love hot and bright weather.

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    I hate the snow (too cold and ugly) and I like it warm and sunny

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    Sun, there's too much snow and too little sun where I live.

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    Sun definitely!

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    Well, Weekend Scounders, I've got to say I'm with Browny on this one - quite literally, in fact!

    I'm slathering on a layer of moisturising lard and plan to squeeze onto the very same sunbed with her - purely as a cost saving exercise, you understand. Of course, these contraptions tend to be quite narrow so we'll need to take it in turns for who goes on top. Even so, WS, I'm sure we could squeeze you in somewhere if you like ...?

    PS: Howdy doody, JjP! Sorry I never got a chance to say bye bye. I read your lovely tributes though - another 80 years of sh*gging you all, eh? Woohoooo! Good to have you (and it will be!) back, my dear.

    Source(s): Btw, who's that doing the thumbs downs? - and to my favourite Texan Temptress, Courters, of all people! Damn cheek!
  • sun i hate been cold

    but i dont mind the snow

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