5 ways in which sustainable development can be achieved in modern society?

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    Sustainable development does not focus solely on environmental issues. More broadly, sustainable development policies encompass three general policy areas: economic, environmental and social. In support of this, several United Nations texts, most recently the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document, refer to the "interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars" of sustainable development as economic development, social development, and environmental protection.

    Scheme of sustainable development: at the confluence of three preoccupations.

    The Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (UNESCO, 2001) elaborates further the concept by stating that "...cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature”; it becomes “one of the roots of development understood not simply in terms of economic growth, but also as a means to achieve a more satisfactory intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual existence". In this vision, cultural diversity is the fourth policy area of sustainable development.

    Green development is generally differentiated from Sustainable development in that Green development prioritizes what its proponents consider to be environmental sustainability over economic and cultural considerations. Proponents of Sustainable Development argue that it provides a context in which to improve overall sustainability where cutting edge Green development is unattainable. For example, a cutting edge treatment plant with extremely high maintenance costs may not be sustainable in regions of the world with less financial resources. An environmentally ideal plant that is shut down due to bankruptcy is obviously less sustainable than one that is maintainable by the indigenous community, even if it is somewhat less effective from an environmental standpoint.

    Some research activities start from this definition to argue that the environment is a combination of nature and culture. The Network of Excellence "Sustainable Development in a Diverse World" SUS.DIV, sponsored by the European Union, works in this direction. It integrates multidisciplinary capacities and interprets cultural diversity as a key element of a new strategy for sustainable development.

    The United Nations Division for Sustainable Development lists the following areas as coming within the scope of Sustainable Development:[4]

    * Agriculture

    * Atmosphere

    * Biodiversity

    * Biotechnology

    * Capacity-building

    * Climate Change

    * Consumption and Production Patterns

    * Demographics

    * Desertification and Drought

    * Disaster Reduction and Management

    * Education and Awareness

    * Energy

    * Finance

    * Forests

    * Fresh Water

    * Health

    * Human Settlements

    * Indicators

    * Industry

    * Information for Decision Making and Participation

    * Integrated Decision Making

    * International Law

    * International Cooperation for Enabling Environment

    * Institutional Arrangements

    * Land management

    * Major Groups

    * Mountains

    * National Sustainable Development Strategies

    * Oceans and Seas

    * Poverty

    * Sanitation

    * Science

    * Small Islands

    * Sustainable tourism

    * Technology

    * Toxic Chemicals

    * Trade and Environment

    * Transport

    * Waste (Hazardous)

    * Waste (Radioactive)

    * Waste (Solid)

    * Water

    Sustainable Development is an ambiguous concept, as a wide array of views fall under its umbrella. The concept has included notions of weak sustainability, strong sustainability and deep ecology. Different conceptions also reveal a strong tension between ecocentrism and anthropocentrism. Thus, the concept remains weakly defined and contains a large amount of debate as to its precise definition.

    During the last ten years, different organizations have tried to measure and monitor the proximity to what they consider sustainability by implementing what has been called sustainability metric and indices.

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    5 ways in which sustainable development can be achieved in modern society?

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    I have to agree with Randel. Communities are sustainable. We have had communities for hundreds of years. They have become more sustainable over time. In that time there were always naysayers that suggested we were running out of resouces in spite of the fact that resources kept increasing. I like green building codes. I spent a lot of effort to insulate my house more and I live in So California. I didn't need nosy green neighbors or intrusive government to do it. That said, I would still favor some "green" building codes since sometimes it is cheaper to make them more fuel efficient over the long run and my house is certainly much more comfortable now.

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    1. Preservation and proper utilization of natural resources.

    2. Establishment of social solidarity through open communication between the government and the people.

    3. Equal distribution of wealth, in such a way that poverty is alleviated.

    4. Application of the latest trends in technology, giving special considerations to what the society can provide its members.

    5. Constant recognition of people's rights and responsibilities.

    Source(s): 4th year HS Economics
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    you haven't shared what you got with us. so would the community be helping you with your homework or doing it for you? what kind of development are you talking about? there is social, economic, health and so on. be specific.

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