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Why is a belief in God and a belief in evolution mutually exclusive?

Why can't you believe in both. I believe in both. My church, the Catholic Church, the one founded by Jesus, teaches that they are not mutually exclusive, and teaches that God did create the world, and the way he chose to create the world was evolution.

Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive. And are there really that many people who deny evolution


I'm sorry, but Jesus did found the Catholic Church. Peter was the rock whom the faith was built upon, the first Pope.

Everyone was Catholic except for the Gnostics until you had the Orthodox schism. And then the work of evil occurred in Martin Luther, and Christianity was divided.

But true Christianity is the Catholic faith

Update 2:

And as for "God of the Gaps", tell me this. Law of Inertia states, in a vacuum, that which is stationary stays stationary, that which is in motion, stays in motion.

Big Bang theory starts out with singularity, and then a "chain reaction" occurs. A chain reaction, by its definition is a reaction. Something must cause it. The cause of that, the actor that set off the chain reaction that turned singularity into existence is called God. The lifeforce of the universe that is in all of us.

I believe that this God manifested in human form and died for our sins at a place called Calvary. Science will never prove the crucifixition, but I argue that it does prove the existence of God

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    I believe in both; God created all things and they evolved.

    The 6 days of creation is could be 6 billion years.

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    It's actually not exclusive. I wish more people understood science. Seriously, China will be at the forefront of technology if we continue to let education slide...

    While I don't think the process of evolution implies any kind of intelligent design if you believe in something supernatural with omnipotent powers then it can really do whatever it wants, even not leaving evidence of the process. I think that's a bit like denial but hey, whatever floats your boat....

    I'm just happy that there are some people who don't allow strict interpretations to cloud facts or hold back knowledge! Thanks.

    P.S. The "official" Christian church really only began when Constantine put the Bible together from many texts to create one theological message during the Late Roman Empire.

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    Reading matter on the Scops trial will provide the answers. The Fundamentalist movement are 100% against the scientific theory of evolution. And the science community was antagonized by this, and have sought to rebel against the evolution-quashing fundies.

    Haha I laugh when I think of a chimp in an Armani.

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    Personally, I think that the two can coexist without a problem. It seems that the conflict comes along when we apply a human time line to creation and the age of the earth. The age of the earth seems to be a major bone of contention when some fundamentalist christians insist that the earth and everything on it was created in 6 literal 24 hour days.

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    why certainly on the time of the 1st debate, creationism against evolution - which we glance reliving, at lest contained in the U. S., through fact colleges have become so destructive -, this replaced into resolved. i do no longer propose resolved contained in the experience that scientists could desire to have faith contained in the very letter of the e book of Genesis. yet nonetheless, there has have been given to have been a beginning up, and that i be conscious of many scientists who have faith that God replaced into on the beginning up. i propose what surpassed off formerly the vast Bang (whether asking "formerly" has no meaning here, through fact what we call "time" did no longer exist formerly the universe began to exist)? and why did the vast Bang produce the debris it did produce. And why did those debris first create atoms of H and quite He and Li? And why replaced into there gravity, that allowed H to pay interest into stars, and why did fusion start up in those stars, becoming many aspects contained in the periodic table? and as quickly as rocky planets have been around, why is it that some atoms actual bonded mutually, and made so-observed as organic and organic molecules? then, why and how did existence look? those are "some" of the failings that technological know-how won't be able to answer in the present day. and distinctive scientists choose that those issues are defined through God.

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    All good points - all things evolve but must have a point of origin. Some parts of evolution I do not subscribe to , but on the whole , it explains the changes through time involving animal life. Mankind, in my opinion, is another story. I just don't buy that we came from apes. I am Catholic also BTW.

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    The Catholic Church wasn't founded by Jesus. The Apostles set up the Church in Antioch with different teachings. The Romans took over it later then changed things. They added to it. Read Acts.The Romans were killing the apostles.They were in hiding.

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    When an atheist uses the word evolution, he means the ordering and ascending of the species without any outside intelligence and energy. When you use the word, you mean the same ordering with the divine intervention of the intelligence and will and energies of God.

    They're completely the opposite in definition. Get the definitions clear and you both will not believe in the same "evolution".

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    Too many people on both sides of the line are too small minded to accept this theory. Also the human fact of I have to be right comes into play.

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    It isn't.

    Creationists just think that there's a need for Original Sin for Jesus's sacrifice to be necessary.

    Say, you wouldn't happen to know much about Luther, would you? It's my understanding that many of his grievances were more than legitimate protests of the corrupt practices of your church. See: Indulgences, holy wars.

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