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what do you mean by proxy sites?

what are proxy sites?

i see a lot of ,questions about them like "do yo know a good proxy site".

what are they anyway?

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    In the web surfing world, when a user wants a proxy it is usually to hide there activity.

    Example of normal web activity

    myBrowser -> Connect Through My ISP Connection -> "a website"

    Technically the website I just connected to can trace me, of course it isn't easy but in legal matters it is definatley doable.

    First part is easy: take my IP address and then locate the ISP that the IP address belongs to

    Second Part, contact that ISP and ask for the user who was using this IP address at such and such time. With a Court order this really isn't that hard either.

    Example WIth a proxy:

    myBrowser -> Connect Through My ISP Connection -> A proxy Site -> "a website"

    Now it loks like you are coming from the proxy and hiding you actual IP address. Although this isn't entirley true. If there are legal issue it can still be traced because the proxy site knows you IP address.

    The only real benefit to using a proxy is if you are trying to hide your surfing on your local machine, because your history will always show that you were connected to that proxy site rather than the pron site you are trying to hide form your wife, girlfriend, mother or whatever. And there are better ways of doing that as well.

    More legitimate uses for proxies exist in the corporate network security world. but I won't get into those now..

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    What is a Proxy Server?

    A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing. The data you request come to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you. I know many are looking for IP Maskers or Scramblers, but honestly, it aint real easy for the simple fact that any website that you visit needs your IP to send the info packets too. If its scrambled, you will get alot of errors and crazy redirects :P My solution? Read on........... for a good list of Proxy servers try here>>

    Why do I need to use proxy servers?

    Transfer speed improvement. Proxy servers accumulate and save files that are most often requested by thousands of Internet users in a special database, called “cache”. Therefore, proxy servers are able to increase the speed of your connection to the Internet. The cache of a proxy server may already contain information you need by the time of your request, making it possible for the proxy to deliver it immediately.

    Security and privacy. Anonymous proxy servers that hide your IP address thereby saving you from vulnerabilities concerned with it.

    Sometimes you may encounter problems while accessing to web server when server administrator restricted access from your IP or even from wide IP range (for example restricting access from certain countries or geographical regions). So you try to access those pages using an anonymous proxy server.

    What is a public proxy server?

    It is a proxy server which is free and open for everybody on the Internet. Unfortunately most of them are not anonymous.

    Free service trying to provide list of public HTTP proxy servers. Usually provide small list of proxies with low percent of functioning servers due to hosting restrictions on CPU time (they simply can't allow themselves to check many proxies every second especially in parallel).

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    A Proxy site is a web page which allows you to browse your favorite web sites -- even though your access to those web sites might be blocked by a content filter.

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    proxy sites are good to keep your identity private when surfing the internet and also they permit you to access your favorite websites from locations where those are forbidden

    see as an example

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    proxie site are sites that give you a way to route all of your Internet activity through a different IP address. Some people use these to be anonymous on the internet and to hide there browsing activity. It is also good for keeping viruses off your computer. An IP address is similar to you home address or phone number. It is a unique number used to identify your computer(s) in case you do something illeagle on the internet.

    I use a paid proxy server:ANONYMIZER

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