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Will swordtail fish eat there babies right away?

i am planning to get a couple swordtails and need informatinon.

Will you help me?

explain everything!!!


thx for the info but i heard that some do and some dont. but i dont know who to beleve.

thx a lot.

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    Any fish is capable of eating its own young, as anything that will fit in there mouths will be eaten, Swordtails are one of the more prevalent ones and the fish should be separated as soon as she's dropped the fry, or cover provided if you wish to keep them.

    Breeding is simple you put a male and female together and that's it job done, female is pregnant for approx 20/24 days the females stomach will square off towards the rear as she approaches the end of the pregnancy. The female has the ability to have up to 5 broods from a single mating. The male is more cannibalistic of the pair and its a general rule to have more females than males for live bearing fish as the female often gets stressed from the constant attention.

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    I think swordtails are livebearers and don't eat thier babies

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