For people who don't agree with homosexuality do you consider yourself homophobic and ignorant? ?

According to Merriam Webster which I'm sure we all agree is a valid dictionary homophobia is defined as irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. So having an aversion to homosexuality counts as homphobia.

If you feel that a heterosexual relationship is inherently better than a homosexual relationship you are heterosexist. Heterosexism is a form of prejudice and seeing how prejudice is a preconceived notion and a preconceived notion is one made without knowledge we can agree that prejudice is ignorant.

If you aren't prejudice then exactly what is it about homosexual relationships that you disagree with? Please give me a reason other than saying they are homosexual by nature, I am aware of this, tell me what is wrong with that.


I said being against homosexuality not homosexuals...

So you would restrict someone's civil liberties and it is arguable economic liberties because of who they love? How is this not forcing your beliefs on someone and obviously not respecting their beliefs?

Update 2:

There actually is plenty of evidence that gay people are born that way just google biological evidence for homosexuality. Unlike pedophilia and bestiality it does not cause psychological harm and both parties can consent. Neither a child nor an animal can say yes to sexual activity.

Speaking of what's natural do you disagree with oral sex since it doesn't result in children?

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    No one who doesn't agree with homosexuality is going to admit there ignorant.

    Source(s): Doesn't mean they aren't.
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    I think you made plenty of leaps in logic there but I would say that I dont feel ignorant at all. I am still not sure what the agreed upon definition of homophobic is, but if it is merely disagreeing with a lifestyle, that would be me. To put it simply , without religion or politics, the male on male or female on female physical relationship is an inappropriate one. As inappropriate as a sister with her brother or a mother with her son. They both might not be able to 'chose' their feelings but to chose to cross the line into a physical relationship would be extremely inappropriate.

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    The loudest homophobes are often concealing homosexual desires within themselves. They use homophobia as a defence against something they are uncomfortable with.

    Most straight people are not bothered so long as they don't have to look at same sex kissing and lovemaking. Live and let live.

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    I have my beliefs about homosexuality but to be frank I don't understand why people have to make it looked prejudice. I have yet to see concrete evidence that gay people are irreversibly born that way. And besides, is anyone prejudiced for thinking pedophilia or beastiality are wrong? Should we let pedophiles off the sex offender list because they're born that way? If someone proves to me that homosexuals are born gay, I'll agree, but I've yet to see it.

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    No, but I call anyone in the homosexual community that does not allow me to disagree with them a heterophobe. I don't agree with your position. I don't hate homosexuals. However, your post sounds heterophobic.

  • neither,

    i may not agree with homosexuals, but there is also a lot of things in this world that i dont agree with (smoking, drugs, etc) but that dosent mean im scared and dont like the people who do that,

    just because i dont agree with someones decisons dosent mean i would disrespect them as a person

    i would not judge someone on how they choose to live there life, even if i dont agree with it,

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    I think for most people, the image of a man sucking off another man does not give a positive thought.

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    That's like saying that because I don't like people who burp in front of me I'm scared of them. It makes no sense. I don't care what Webster says I still don't agree with it. It's just not natural.

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    I will repeat..I have gay friends, but when it comes to any issue about promoting the homo lifestyle put to a PUBLIC vote ill always vote against it. I respect the views of people who disagree with me and i expect you to also respect my views..

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    Because I feel differently about a matter doesn't make me either homophobic or ignorant.

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