Need to know who to talk to or contact about acquiring a portable bar code scanner?

I have an opportunity to buy books cheap and resell them or fill orders for Someone told me I could get a portable bar code scanner to scan the bar codes of used books in used book stores to see if those titles are needed to fill orders right away for and Barnes and Noble. com. Who in this world do I contact or talk to about getting this bar code scanner and having it coded for

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    Digital Daily by John PaczkowskiThe Digital Daily Feed

    Amazon Remembers Forgets Barcode Scanner

    Posted at 10:07 AM PT on December 3, 2008

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    There’s a new beachhead in Amazon’s campaign to commandeer sales from competing retailers: Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone. This morning the retailer uncrated Amazon Mobile, an iPhone/iPod Touch application that allows users to browse its wares and those of associated retailers like Target (TGT) and Macy’s (M). The app supports Amazon’s standard features–customer reviews, “1-Click Shopping” and whatnot–as well as an intriguing new one. Called Amazon Remembers, it allows users to search for products they’d like to purchase by photographing real-world products. Testing Amazon Remembers this morning, I snapped a picture of the Sonos Controller on my desk and, sure enough, about 10 minutes later Amazon (AMZN) let me know that it does offer that product for sale.

    A neat little feature, although why anyone would actively use it is beyond me. Text searches on Amazon Mobile–and Amazon’s iPhone-optimized site–are both easier and far, far faster. Why bother with the cumbersome “snap photo-submit photo-wait for Amazon to identify product in photo and its availability and price”?

    What this application is clearly lacking and, frankly, just begging for, is a barcode scanner and real-time price comparison function. That would make it a killer app, indeed. And Snappr has proven barcode scanning on the iPhone is possible. The device just needs an improved camera for it to work….


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