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What is Red Data Book??It is related to conservation of animals.I want a bit extended description?

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  • Jaypee Mahanta answered 6 years ago
    Please find some quotes-

    Red Data Book species are classified into different categories of perceived risk. Each Red Data Book usually deals with a specific group of animals or plants (for instance, reptiles, insects or mosses).

    The original IUCN Red Data Book threat categories have been widely applied to hundreds of thousands of taxa of animals, plants, and fungi. Note that these categories refer to the conservation status of an organism in the wild, not to its presence in cultivation or captivity.

    In 1994, IUCN adopted a revised set of Red List categories prepared by the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC). There are eight categories and three sub-categories. Unlike the original IUCN threat categories, these also include a series of criteria (population reduction, extent of occurrence, population size - mature individuals, probability of extinction) used to make the conservation assessment.
    The survival service commission of International Union for conservation of Nature and Resources (IUCN) collects data on and maintains list of all wild animals and plants that may be in danger of extinction and to initiate action to prevent it. This list is published in the book known as the Red data Book.

    I hope u got our answer. For details may contact serious and good, if lucky may find one, forest officials or a conservationist and a environmentalist, may opt for NGOs also


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  • oikos answered 6 years ago
    Put out by the IUCN, it lists species that are considered endangered or threatened on a global basis. Go to a museum or university library and take a look at it.
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    What is Red Data Book??It is related to conservation of animals.I want a bit extended description?
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