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Dogs suddenly being destructive ?

I have two boston terriers that are about two years old. They have always been a bit destructive, but I had the issue resolved with a variety of toys, lots of exercise, and kenneling while we were gone.

However, the past several weeks, they will get into things they normally would not and destroy things. This happened just today when I went upstairs for 5 minutes. When I came back, they had chewed a corner of a bench. Why is this happening? They just started this behavior. I'm at a loss because they do get LOTS of exercise and have a large variety of toys. (Kong, Y-bones, tug toys, balls, other bones, etc.) This behavior cannot continue. It seems a little silly to kennel them for 5 minutes while I go to the other room.

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    it could be just some anger problems they are developing. or frustration. Our dog normally doesnt chew unlss hes bored, or mad. When he gets upset or feels neglected even tho he has constant attention he does this. We have an ebd and i know the 2 breeds are similar. You can try pin pointing the issue, or we take ours to petsmart alot and let him pick out his own toys so he gets what he likes and what he will play with. It could be just some anger or feeling like they are being neglected. Even if they arent

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    has something changed in the house recently? Did you move? new job? change in schedule?

    usually they act up (chewing on furniture, more accidents in house, etc) when they need your attention.

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