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Foundation Brush for Whipped Foundation?

Ive decided I need to get into makeup more, and alot of sites suggest a foundation brush. I however use the Cover Girl Trublend WHIPPED foundation. I usually apply it with my fingers, but im wondering if im suppose to use a foundation brush for it?.. The website im looking at says a foundation brush should look like this (ITS BRUSH NUMBER 2)


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    i find it's easiest to apply moose or whipped foundation with your fingers, as it tends to blend really easily and it generally look pretty even. however if you do want to apply it with a brush i'd say that a classic foundation brush (like the one in the link you provided) should work fine. these foundation brushes are generally pretty flat, and rounded at the top. they come in many different sizes, and prices can vary from under $5 to around $40. generally the more expensive the brush the higher the quality, but really a brush from a drugstore will work fine. if you are looking for something in a higher price range i'd recommend the 190 foundation brush from MAC. the brush looks like this:


    some people find these brushes can make your foundation appear streaky, so the trick to getting an even application with this sort of brush is to use short downward strokes, and do lots of blending. I recommend you wash your foundation brush about once a week (I find baby shampoo is best for washing my brushes.) this will help prevent bacteria and other nasties growing on your brush, and also improve the way the brush applies foundation, I always find a clean brush works best.

    I hope this is the sort of information you were after, and that this helps you in some way

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    Best Whipped Foundation

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    Brush number two is a foundation brush. I always apply my foundation with a brush, no matter what formula it is. It makes the foundation look very smooth and natural, it's easy to blend it in, and I don't have to touch my fingers to my face, which can be unsanitary. I dot the foundation on the back of my (clean) hand, and then dip both sides of the bristles into it. Then I paint on the foundation from the center of my face outward and blend and blend. You use less foundation this way too, and you can always apply more if you need to anyway.

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    Brush #2 for primer/moisturizer/concealer

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    no you dont have to use a brush. alot of makeup artists use their fingers because it give a more smooth and even coverage. i use my finger and i find it goes on and dries better. whipped foundation is better applied with your fingers. xox

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    I recommend using a sponge applicator. This is what i use for my foundation as it gives even coverage and is smooth on the skin.

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    yes fo course

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