Rohypnol its a drug and want know for what it is used?

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rohypnol durg for it is used
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Its called flunitrazepam, and its used for anxiety, insomnia and any other indications that other benzodiazapines are used for.

Its not approved in all countries, but where it is approved, that is what it is used for.


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  • gangadharan nair answered 5 years ago
    Flunitrazepam (IPA: /ˌfluːnaɪˈtræzəpæm/) is a hypnotic drug with sedative, anxiolytic, amnestic, and skeletal muscle relaxant properties. A short-intermediate acting benzodiazepine derivative, flunitrazepam is prescribed for the treatment of severe insomnia, marketed by Roche most commonly under the trade name Rohypnol -also marketed in some countries under the trade names Hipnosedon, Hypnodorm, Flunipam, Nilium, Vulbegal, Silece, Darkene, Ilman and Insom.
    Please see the web page for more details on Flunitrazepam (generic name) Rohypnol (brand name)


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  • Kassie18 answered 5 years ago
    It is a sedative and often incapacitates people when a certain dose is taken and also has an effet that can make people forget what happened while they were on it. they also call it the date rape drug, because it was started to be put into womens drinks at clubs and raves and they were rendered incapacitated and the men had them asleep passed out for hours and they had enought time to rape them and alot of times the women forgte the next day. That is why it is illegal in most places.


    certified addictions counselor
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