Which is the best road route for driving by car from Trivandrum to Chennai.?

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A little extra distace won't matter , as long as the road is smooth with plenty of facilities and restrooms and restaurants enroute.
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  • Panku answered 5 years ago

The distance from Trivandrum to Chennai is 730 kms and would take 15-16 hours of driving... I hope there is more than 1 driver as its a long drive...

The driving directions are given below:-

1 Straight(0.1 km) on Kollur Rd going toward Mahatma Gandhi Rd
2 2nd Right onto Mahatma Gandhi Rd(NH47 Hwy), go 0.3 km
3 Continue down Sasthamangalam Oolanpara Rd: 1.2 km (Past Matir Memorial Church on the left)
4 Slight 3rd Left (past HSBC (Bank) on the right) onto SH2 Hwy, go 3.2 km
5 Slight Left (past Peroorkada Government Girls Higher Secondary School on the left) onto SH2 Hwy, go <100m
6 Slight 1st Right (past Moon City Restaurant on the left) onto SH2 Hwy, go 5.3 km.
Enter Thiruvananthapuram District at 3 km.
7 Left onto SH2 Hwy, go 10 km.
Via Nedumangad at 5.9 km.
8 Left onto SH2 Hwy, go 20 km.
Enter Kollam District at 12 km.
9 Slight Right onto SH2 Hwy, go 21 km
10 Right onto NH208 Hwy, go 32 km.
Enter Tamil Nadu at 14 km.
Via Pudur (S), Panboli at 22 km.
11 Left onto NH208 Hwy, go 3.5 km
12 Slight Right onto NH208 Hwy, go 18 km.
Via Kadayanallur at 11 km.
13 Slight Right onto NH208 Hwy, go 36 km.
Via Puliyankudi at 7.7 km.
Via Virudhunagar District at 29 km.
Enter Tirunelveli District at 29 km.
Leave Sivagiri at 29 km.
Enter Virudhunagar District at 30 km.
14 Slight Right onto NH208 Hwy, go 23 km.
Via Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur at 16 km.
15 Right onto NH208 Hwy, go 10 km
16 Take Left, go 21 km.
Enter Madurai District at 12 km.
Enter Peraiyur at 18 km.
17 Take Left, go 26 km.
Leave Peraiyur.
Enter Usilampatti at 26 km.
18 Slight Right onto NH49 Hwy, go <100m
19 Take Slight 1st Left, go 24 km.
Leave Usilampatti.
Enter Dindigul District at 7.7 km.
20 Continue down NH45 Hwy: 31 km.
Via Sevugampatti, Pallapatti at 15 km.
Enter Dindigul at 30 km.
21 Left onto NH7 Hwy, go 1.1 km
22 1st Right onto NH45 Hwy, go 95 km.
Leave Dindigul at 1.3 km.
Via Vadamadurai, Ayyalur at 21 km.
Enter Tiruchirappalli District at 29 km.
Via Manapparai at 57 km.
Via Karur District, Tiruchirappalli District at 81 km.
Enter Tiruchirappalli at 92 km.
23 Left (past Ashby (Hotel) on the left) onto NH45 Hwy, go 4.3 km
24 Left onto NH45 Hwy, go 0.2 km
25 2nd Right onto NH45 Hwy, go 1 km
26 Left onto NH45 Hwy, go 257 km.
Enter Tiruchirappalli District at 4.5 km.
Via S. Kannanur at 9.7 km.
Enter Perambalur District at 31 km.
Via Perambalur at 50 km.
Via Cuddalore District at 86 km.
Enter Viluppuram District at 101 km.
Via Viluppuram, Vikravandi, Tindivanam at 175 km.
Enter Kancheepuram District at 213 km.
Via Acharapakkam, Maduranthakam, Karunguzhi at 233 km.
27 Slight Left onto NH45 Hwy, go 13 km.
Via Chengalpattu at 6.2 km.
Enter Singaperumalkoil at 11 km.
28 Take Left, go 1.8 km.
Leave Singaperumalkoil at 1 km.
29 Take Slight 2nd Right, go 22 km.
Enter Sriperumbudur at 22 km.
30 Left onto NH4P Hwy, go 0.3 km
31 Sharp 1st Right onto NH4 Hwy, go 24 km.
Leave Sriperumbudur at 1.3 km.
Enter Kanchipuram at 8.4 km. Leave Thandalam. Via Thandalam, Mevalurkuppam.
Enter Tiruvallur at 13 km. Via Thirumazhisai, Varadarajapuram, Poonamallee. Enter Senneerkuppam.
32 Right onto NH4 Hwy, go 8.8 km.
Via Tiruverkadu, Chelliamma Nagar, Vanagaram, Adayalampattu, Maduravoyal, Jayalalitha Nagar.
Enter Chennai at 7.7 km. Leave Anna Nagar West Extension. Via Sri Iyappa Nagar. Enter Anna Nagar West Extension.
33 At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Poonamallee High School Rd(NH4 Hwy), go 2.4 km overall.
Leave Anna Nagar West Extension. Via Sri Iyappa Nagar, Anna Nagar. Enter Arumbakkam.
34 Right (past AK Hospital on the right) onto Tank Bund Rd, go 2.1 km.
Via Sankarapuram. Enter Nungambakkam.
35 Left onto Sterling Rd, go 0.6 km
36 Right (past Employees State Insurance Corporation on the left) onto Shivaganga Rd, go 0.1 km
37 Take 2nd Left (past Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India on the left), go 0.1 km
38 Arrive at destination

Have a safe drive...
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  • venkat s answered 5 years ago
    take the help from google maps
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  • krishnamoorthynagarajan answered 5 years ago

    The road in this route is good and at many part 4 lanes.

    However, instead coming to Salem, the other route is Trichy-Vridachalam-Pondycherry-through ECR(East Coas Toad)-Chnigleput-Kanchiipuram-Tambaram-C...

    The other route is Trichy-Thanjavur-Kumbakonam-Chidambaram-... Pondycherry-ECR as above. (However, the road is narrow and the traffice is heavy with a lot of frequesnt sharp turns. Hence not advisable.
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  • asim boral answered 5 years ago
    I am planning to drive down to Trivandrum from Chennai. I am familiar with the roads till Madurai, but I am confused about the route to be taken from Madurai. Should I use NH208 via Rajapalayam, Tenkasi? Or should I use NH7 to travel to Trivandrum via Tirunelveli, Nagercoil? Can anyone help me on this? Any feedback on the road the road conditions is also welcome.From Madurai to Trivandrum via Tirunelveli and Nagercoil the distance is 310 kms.
    Via Rajapalayam, Tyenkasi, Tenmala and Nedumangad, distance is 260 kms.

    NH7 is being widened, there are some diversions, but the drive is by and large smooth even now. In good times, I have driven on this route in 5 hours. Depending on time of day, Nagercoil-Trivandrum is very high-traffic and can be slow. Night time, there is no traffic. One has to navigate through Nagercoil town (all other large towns bypassed).

    I have taken 4 hours too on the Madurai-Tenkasi-Trivandrum route but at optimum times (Tenkasi-TVM was early in the morning). On this route, it is mountain road after Schencottah and can be slow during day time.

    Between the two, I would prefer the Nagercoil route. If you leave early in the morning from Madurai (say, 5 am), you will have a smooth drive.


    google search
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