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Differenciate the flammable and inflammable?

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    Flammable(adj): able to set on fire.

    Inflammable(adj): easily set on fire.

    So both means the same but "flammable" is often used because inflammable could be taken mistakenly to mean "not flammable". The negative of flammable is non-flammable.

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    Up until about 30 years ago flammable substances were often described as inflammable (as in the word 'inflame') but this was dangerous as sometimes people thought that inflammable meant 'non-flammable'.

    The terms 'flammable' and 'non-flammable' are now used.

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    The meaning of inflammable is identical to that of flammable. A flammable substance is a substance which is easy to burn or ignite.

    Something that is not flammable is called nonflammable.

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    Flammable - Something which has the ability to burn..

    Inflammable - Just opposite of the above..

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