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My son is 3 yrs. old and is in a pre school.He is weak in counting and cant recognise them.?

How can I make him learn and recognise counting?

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  • Dana
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    he's in preschool. cut the kid a little slack.

    you could make up games to play with him

    read him math books for toddlers

    and count with cherry-o's

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    Just keep working with him. Make it fun. Make up songs about numbers. Get some counting books from the library. There are lots of books that help children learn to count - by telling a story about things - and numbering them.

    He can't recognise the written numbers? The books will help - but you can also use flashcards - - just make some of your own - and make a game out of it

    Don't push him too hard. He's three. Make it fun. Don't ever say "No - that's wrong". Make sure you use language like "Good try!" or "That's pretty close - but let's try again" His little brain will click when it's supposed to click.

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    I pulled my 3 year old out of public 3k because he was not making any progress. Now I am home schooling him and he has progressed by leaps and bounds. Don't get me wronge; I'm not telling you to home school your child. It's not for every parent or child. But the one on one is what my child needed. Little boys develop slower than little girls and learn more from play. Try counting his "red" cars or his "blue" trains. Playing chutes and ladders has really helped my son in taking turnes and counting. Play with him and read to him. The most important thing is interaction and hearing you do it. He will join in when he is ready. Hop scotch helps too!

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    My daughter talks constantly to her two and a half year old and they do things like grocery shopping together. For example, How many apples are we going to buy? and then count them out loud with him. I might take an extra couple of minutes, but isn't time with your child worth it? By the way my granddaughter counts to 15 and recognizes all the numbers to 10.

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  • Girzie
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    All children advance at different levels. Make numbers and counting fun. My 2 year old grandson knows his numbers partly from seeing them in his books (1 apple, 2 balloons etc) and on the sides of his Thomas friends engines! As in everything, repetition is the answer. Soon it will click - just like colours and everything else.

  • Amber
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    Wow! A lot of answers already. My apologies if I repeat since I'm not going to take the time to read them all. :-)

    A 3 year old weak in counting and number recognition is not all that unusual. :-) Just a little encouragement on your part. Things you can do...incorporate counting as often as you can in your daily activities. Have him help you set the table. 1,2,3,4 spoons. Hmmm...wonder how many forks we'll need. 1,2,3,4. How many silverware altogether? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12. Folding towels: Look at all these towels/washcloths/pairs of pants we've folded. Let's count how many we have to put away. How many steps does it take us to get form the table to the door? How long do you think it will take me to tie my shoes? Count with me! Wow! You built a tall tower...let's count the blocks. The opportunities are endless!

    Other hands-on activities:

    Put number stickers on top of a selection of matchbox cars. You can count them, you can make a simple "parking lot" out of construction paper and write the numerals in each parking spot and he can match the numbers. You can run the cars down a ramp and discuss which number car went the furthest, you can put the cars in numerical order, etc. has free printables...many to do with numbers-counting/recognition. I think she still has her do a dot patterns available. I think it's called number counting book.

    Write a numeral on a small paper plate and then have him clip on that many clothespins (great for their fine motor development as well). You can even put stickers/dots under the number as well.

    They love pennies! Cut a slit in the top of a margarine container or get a metal container that will make noise. Have him choose from a selection of number cards that are face down and put that many pennies into the "bank". Same thing can be done with blocks. Choose a card and then make a tower that tall.

    Add number cookie cutters to playdough or make "worms" and create the number and then roll the corresponding number of balls to go under it.

    Use white crayon on white index card....pressing heavily, write the numerals onto the card. Then provide him with water color paints or watered down tempera. The wax will resist the paint. "Mystery Numbers".

    Good luck.

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    I have 3 year old twins. One is Autistic. I hate to be an advocate of this.... but.... there is DEFINITELY power in repetition. If you have cable on Demand..... instead of diego, dora or barney - get him hooked on Elmo, and keep playing Sesame street over and over for him. They must do counting exercises 7 times within their hour show. My kids are 3 (as I said), and both can count to 20. And don't forget....RELAX....he's just that. THREE. He'll catch on.

  • Anonymous
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    It is ok.

    If he doesn't learn to count by the age of 5 or 6 .

    He might be dyslexic , see a doctor.

  • pmay
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    1 decade ago

    Be patient and work with him at home, try to make it fun. At this age it is normal to write numbers backwards etc( if he is writing at all) Remember he is only three and kids feel pressure just like adults. I am sure if there is a problem, you will recognize it when he is old enough and be able to handle it. Right now, he sounds pretty normal to me.

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    Hes only 3 years old so he hasnt matured mentally yet. Give him some time and maybe wait until hes in primary school for that

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    Talk to him like an elder one.. use your acting skill, visual skill.. Do not rush. Try different tricks and see what is clicking for him. 3 years is too young to learn numbers and that too per your expectations but you can keep trying lots of visual and audio stuff to make him learn more and more. Make him feel and talk to him like he is equal of you and that will have lots of learning impact on him.

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