Facial bleaching of the upper lip ?

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Where can i buy some, how much is it and how long does it last?

also how effective is it for not so dark upper lip hair
Update : i have never shaved it or plucked any and it's not that dark but ...show more
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well i'm half italian, a quarter spanish and a quarter hungarian so it's obvious that i would have very dark hair and unforunately it's on my upper lip too. i use jolen bleach on my upper lip (you can buy it at walmart) i think it's around 5 bucks. and it usually lasts two weeks. it burns a little bit but it's not too bad but it does a good job of turning the hair blonde because mine is really dark. if you want something that lasts forever you should look into laser hair removal. but it's expensive and it hurts. plus it doesn't work on tan skin so if your darker it won't work. hope i helped.



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  • sarvan k answered 5 years ago
    Try veet hair removal cream. My sister used it and it works.
    If you want to show your lips more attractive use himalayan lip care in the morning and wash it out when u leave for a party or something else.
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  • raj answered 5 years ago
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  • razzmatazzr answered 5 years ago
    Bleaching is not a good idea because the hair can look kind of brassy. Something like the Artemis Woman Personal Groomer Precision Hair Trimmer works great. It trims the hair and makes the darkness go away. And it's quick, no sitting around with stinky bleaching chemicals on your face. These trimmers are great if you need a quick fix for your eye brows. Bleaches smells really bad and can cause skin irritation.


    Tried bleach, know from personal experience it's not the best.
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  • leezaaa answered 5 years ago
    Pretty much any drug store sells it... including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Target.

    It's about $7 CDN, so I'm guessing $5 or so if you're from the USA.
    For me personally, it lasted about 3 days before you could see the roots, but my upper lip hair was VERY dark and grew really fast.
    If you have lighter hair, the roots wont be noticeable, so yours would probably last for about 2 weeks.

    Facial bleach is even more effective when your hair isnt dark, so consider yourself lucky!

    If you can, find the facial/body bleach by Sally Hansen, it works WAYYYY better than Jolen (you'll see the brands when you get to the store)!

    If your hair becomes unmanageable and darker, I'd recommend plucking them off. It's more cost effective, but be prepared to do it for the rest of your life!


    I've been bleaching since 5th grade haha, really dark hair but very pale skin. EXTREME experience!
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  • Zoelove answered 5 years ago
    you should not use bleach, it will also damage your skin, (upper lip) and your hairs will just keep turning into brown, its best just to wax it, it doesn't hurt that bad at all actually, you'd be surprised! :), but here, you posted a question and i'll post an answer: you can use Andrea extra strength bleach..here's the link: http://www.folica.com/Andrea_Extra_St_d4...
    but it rly DOES leave ur skin red and irritated and it will damage you, but here you go, -Hope that helps!! :]]
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  • Danielle answered 5 years ago
    wal mart sally hansen bleachh. it works really well
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  • Just Breathe. answered 5 years ago
    you can buy it at the grocery store for like $10. it works pretty good. but i would suggest getting waxed instead, it lasts longer and is better than bleaching.
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  • J e s s <3 answered 5 years ago
    you can but it at any beauty suppy store, like sallys.

    it last for about a month.

    its effective on light hair also, but dont know why you'd need it then
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  • Tonyaahhh answered 5 years ago
    You can buy it at any drugstore.
    It usually works for about a week.
    Average cost is about $5
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  • Capricornten answered 5 years ago
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  • whittbby answered 5 years ago
    You can get bleach just about anywhere cosmetics and beauty products are sold. Try wal-mart for starters.

    Just buy some sally hansen bleach.
    I tried it over the summer to bleach my arm hair and my dark peach fuzz on my tummy. It worked really well! Just let it sit for a few minute.
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