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does biceps grow in cms or inches ?

does biceps grow in cms or inches ??

how many cms does biceps grow in 1 month

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    It depends. US biceps grow in inches, and European biceps grow in cms.

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    I think the biceps does not care about inches or cms. If you want to know how much your biceps could grow if you´d do some sports: You can ask a doctor.

    (Sorry for making mistakes, my English is not so good)

  • Centimeters and inches are just units of measurement, so you can decide what you want to use to measure yourself.

    Biceps grow based on exercise and diet not simply an arbitrary length of time. So, train and find out!

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    I am more than 6 feet tall buddy , but i wish i was a bit shorter its tough finding dates, in India your height is apt. Look at the bright side of it, dont have peer presuure spoil your life. You will grow till 23 and then it will stop , play basket ball, eat well , take lots of liquids with adequate sleep. - to increase height you need to sleep for 12 hours, DID U KNOW YOU GROW BY INCH EVERY NIGHT WHEN U SLEEP AND IT SHRINKS BACK BY THE END OF NIGHT. Do every activity in moderation. Try to appreciate and love your body whther u grow or remain at this height , It is u who matters to u , not others who view u.

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    that depends on what you feed it.

    if you just let it soak in milk it will grow in cm, but if you shoot yourself in the head it'll grow in inches!

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    this might be the dumbest question i have read on yahoo answers. well, at least top 3

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