Granite Slabs prices in Bangalore, India?

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can you suggest best place to buy granite slabs in bangalore. I would be requiring in excess of 2000sft and looking for compitative price too. Please indicate price indication also in more
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  • emce answered 5 years ago
There are many varieties of granites. The big slabs without breaks and cuts, are usually priced high, between Rs50/- to Rs350/- per square feet. Visit some of these traders and acquaint with yourself about the quality, variety and prices. Do not accompany your mason, contractor & manager, when you visit these traders. The moment you visit the show room,with them, naturally the price goes up by10%.

The prices have come down by about 20% to 40%. Do not go in for sweet talk. You will be taken for a ride. Kanakapura multi colour is supposed to a good variety. The price may be between Rs90/- to Rs150/-. Wish you all the best.
Best of Luck.

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Thanks. While checking out did not find much of discounts due to recession as they seem to be normal business for granite/marbles.
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  • Jai Bhavani answered 3 months ago
    Granite slab prices vary on two things: Size and Quality.

    Granite comes in 3 sizes:
    1) Cutter Size: 4 to 12 Feet in Length and 1.5 to 3 Feet in Height
    2) Mini Gangsaw: 7 Feet up in Length and 4 Feet up in Height
    3) Gangsaw: 7 Feet up in Length and 6 Feet up in Height

    Generally, depending on the granite,

    For cutter size (4 to 12 Feet in Length and 1.5 to 3 Feet in Height):

    Commercial Quality ranges from Rs. 45 to Rs. Rs. 85,
    Medium Quality costs from Rs. 75 to Rs. 300
    First Quality costs from Rs.80 to Rs. 500

    For Mini Gansaw Sizes: (7 Feet up in Length and 4 Feet up in Height)

    Commercial Quality ranges from Rs. 85 to Rs. Rs. 150,
    Medium Quality costs from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500
    First Quality costs from Rs.110 to Rs. 800

    Gangsaw sizes (7 Feet up in Length and 6 Feet up in Height):

    Generally gangsaw sizes are available for Rs. 120 to Rs. 1500 and more..

    Prices are in Rupees per Square Feet for Granite slabs only.

    Additional Expenses:

    There is a loading charge of Rs. 1 per Square Feet
    Taxes are 14.5% (Rs. 7-15 per square Feet)
    Transportation cost to bring it to your place and unloading,(In Bangalore Rs. 1.5 to 5 per Square Feet)
    Laying charges.

    Have fun hunting!

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  • Jonathan W answered 5 years ago
    You have check with your local dealers or distributors. Granite slab prices vary with granite colors. Typically, granite quarried in India, such as Black Galaxy, Ruby Red and Kashmir Gold etc, have much better prices. So, you should by Indian granite in order to get good deals.


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