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how to gain weight ?

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    brewing yeast. It has a lot of vitamin B, too. It will make you gain

    weight in a week. Either buy at pharmacies, as supplement, or in any

    place which specializes in brewing. Three pills a day/three tablespoons a

    day - depends on the product, and you are there. Good for bones and

    hair as well.

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    Do you want the real secret of gaining weight...

    then listen...and yes don't laugh...

    the answer is plain and simple....YOU HAVE TO EAT...

    I mean you have to eat a lot....

    Weight Gain = Calorie Intake > Calorie Output

    Welght loss = Calorie Intake < Calorie Output

    In simple words you have to eat more than what your body needs for maintenance..

    Follow this instructions religiously for the next 2 months and see the results:

    1: Eat atleast 6 times a day

    2: Divide the 6 meals in such a way that you are eating after every 2-3 hours.

    3: Take Milk Shakes. You may buy Some "whey protein powder" from international brands such as OPTIMUM or EAS. Mix the whey protein in milk and add 2-3 bananas and make a shake. If possible add a scoop of ice-cream. Take this shake atleast 2-3 a day.

    4: Eat Heavy Breakfast.

    5: Drink Atleast one liter of milk everyday.

    6: Dont go for too much workout. Exercise only 3-4 days a week with no cardio( means NO running,Cycling,biking etc)

    7: Do Squats,Bench Press, DeadLifts every week

    8:Rest. No need to worry and just dont waste your precious calorie in doing unnecessary things.

    9: Drink Lots of water

    10: If a lot of non-vegetarian food...

    I know the above instructions are diffcult to follow. But if you will follow them, you will get wonderful results..

    If u want more information on weight gain...

    You can visit the website... WWW.BODYBUILDING.COM

    Search for "weight gain" over there.....

    [ What are u waiting for now....Start Eating :-) )

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    Hi Dude,

    The best way to gain weight is to have lot of food that can give you more proteins... For example fruits like banana can surely increase your weight. I think that is the best cheap and best food to gain weight in a short time.

    Try to have 3-5 bananas daily and am sure you will gain weight for sure..

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    Protein need to lose weight and to repair muscle after working out. When muscles repair themselves, they grow. But that depends on the type of exercise. Usually lifting heavy weights breaks muscles more. So, there is more growth during repairs. Add a healthy fat into your diet, too. Salmon, flax seeds, nuts, olive oil. There are many useful information about losing weight and building muscles here:

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    So many suggestions for eating. If u don't like eating u may gain weight simply by becoming a couch addict, i.e., sitting in the couch all the day before a television gulping lots of chips and fried stuff. But above all u need to have self-confidence to assert yourself in whatever u would do.

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    Weight some naturelly coming by birth. so Some pepople are thin and thik . if thin people would like to become a thik. first they Should be cool always don't take any tantion and try to eat more as much as.

    Then better to go early morning joging/walking along with some execess.

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    Hi Sara,

    do baba ramdev's pranayama at least 1/2 an hour daily early in the morning. (See Asthaa channel)

    Add one or two banana with one glass of milk drink daily upto 2 months, if u r gaining wight then reduce banana from two to on OR glass of milk OR stop daily take once in two day

    Soak channa or kadale (pulses) on night and eat ealy morning with emty stomach for three months

    do any one with exercise deffinetely u will gain wight....


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    BBC - Health - Healthy living - Do you need to gain weight?

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