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Is there any music that your dog likes?

My new beagle, basset hound, blue heeler mix, 7 week old female seems to be getting attached to a nightly playing of an album of Rag Time music (Music of Scott Joplin played by James Levine). The last few nights, she gets restless before bed time, but settles right down for an hour or so of listening, half asleep and stops being concerned who is in the room with her.

I'm trying to figure out if this is strange or common.

I wonder how this nightly pastime will affect her development.



John Popelish


My wife named her Sheila Blue. She has a blue wedge in each iris, part of the effect of the merle gene, I think. We think her father was a blue heeler (Australian cattle dog). Her face is very beagle, at the moment, except for the merle splotches all over. Her long body and white, short legs with wrinkled sock ankles show the Basset hound from her mother. Her back is silver with black splotches (blur merle) color. She will not be a hunting dog, so I guess it doesn't matter that she just about disappears into the gray bark colors of the woods. She appears to have a fairly balanced mix of sensitivities for scent, sight and hearing. Not (yet) nearly so nose oriented as my son's beagle. She seems to notice everything and learns to do several new things every day.

What a joy to observe and interact with.

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    Interesting question ! I think routine is important for an animal. You are positively affecting her development and transition into you home, as well.

    I was amazed when I read all the different styles of music that our pets enjoy. Lesson l got from the answers was that sometimes our pets taste in music might not be one we enjoy, but what the heck, if they like it, let them listen to it, especially if it soothing!

    Speaking of soothing, one CD I have is called Animal Healing. I got it at one of those New Age type of stores, recommended to me for the calming benefits it offers to the animals. Just acoustical, I enjoy it myself ! I just read the CD cover and it states :

    "Research has shown that animals' moods can be influenced by music - some types can help to reduce stress whilst others create tension."

    Lastly, in re-reading your question, you mentioned she gets a little restless before bedtime. I think she may need one last walk before chilling to the music. She is a young puppy and probably getting to the point where she needs a little more stimulation and exercise, and that last walk of the day can be a beneficial addition to the nightly routine.

    Congratulations on the pup, what did you name her?

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    Dog Likes Music

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    She sounds beautiful. I have a tri-color male basset, his name is Blue as well. I usually call him Blue Baby though. I go to school a few nights a week after work and my sister doggiesits for me. When I get home he is usually tremendously over excited, I guess not seeing me all day and night makes for an antsy basset. Well anyway, after our late night stroll through the neighborhood I give him a nice massage and sing to him, and he goes right to sleep, almost instantaneously. I am not by any means a good singer, and he doesn't care what I sing, just as long as it in a smooth gentle tone.

    Dogs are a wonderful addition to life. He makes me smile just about everyday. (when he's not driving me nuts of course)

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    Surprisingly enough, my border collie seems to react the best to "grunge" music....His name is Cobain.

    When it is played he will lay as close to the source of the music as possible. When someone is playing the same sort of style on an electric guitar, he will lie in front of the amp.

    Although I am sure it is not good for his hearing in the least, we do turn it down when he does that.

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    She's probably learning your routine. Our routines are so consistent that they know where to be and when to be there. I don't even have to tell them to get in their cages before work.It'll probably make for a more relaxed dog. Oh and to answer the actual question our dogs aren't into music but they love watching other dogs on tv or youtube. Have her watch dogs singing/howling on youtube.

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    My dogs aren't partial to any kind of music but my African Grey Parrot is.

    Casey prefers heavy metal (which causes extreme bobbing of the head and screaming) and loves reggae. That brings out her quieter side.

    She HATES country. Screams obscenities. Have not a clue where she heard the F word.

    Source(s): 9 dogs/4 cats/1 obnoxious bird
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    Dogs like a routine. The music is becoming part of the evening ritual. For my dogs it is 2 hrs of TV and then it is outside and bed time.

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    My cat would follow my brother around when he'd play the harmonica and act all lovey dovey, or whatever. Also i think she likes acoustic. And I think my dog liked zydeco music. There is a such thing as cat music. I think it calms them down.

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    My mini aussie likes watching tv and my dachshund likes listening to music before we go to bed, so he'll go lay down with my husbands son until his cd's over.

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    Mine likes Bollywood music

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