Digital voice recorder CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND (DELHI,INDIA)?

I want to purchase digital voice recorder for recording some Lecures and conferences in a hall

I want such a model that can record in crystal clear sound

Plz tell me which Brand should i purchase?

someone told me SONY recorders records in a crystal clear sound

My prefernces are:

Recording in mp3 format,Renaming files from recorder,inbuilt memory atleast 512 mb or more + Extendable memory atleast 2 gb ,Rechargable batteries(not rechargable cells or something),Playback options,loudspeaker apart from earphones,usb connectivity etc.

I don't want to spend more than R.s 6000 to 7000(but can pay more)

I am in delhi

plz tell me where can i buy?

Plz help

Suggestions are most welcome


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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can't record CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND through built in mic.

  • 5 years ago

    There are some important factors to recording voices, so please consider the following: * The amount of wind, breeze, brushing an object against the recorder CAN distort sounds, making them sound ghostly. These are not ghostly voices, but misinteperations of ordinary sounds. * EVP recorders are designed for capturing ghostly voices. They apparently are able to pick up voices too low for anyone to hear. Your recorder (if it allows it) can be plugged into or transferred to a cassette/playback device - allowing you to hear very low/quiet noises. An amplifer can be used to make the recording more 'audible' (although I don't recommend this because it can distort sound). * If you catch anything which doesn't SOUND normal, before jumping to any conclusions - be sure to check for logical reasons OR to check a sound specialist. * You may not pick up any noises or voices if your home is not haunted. If you experience some ghostly acitivty in your home, using a Video camera (infrared) OR even a photographic camera (digital) WITH a tape recorder is a good way to confirm it. * Ghostly voices are apparently not audible to the naked human ear. Recording can be a useful way of picking them up - but EVP's are better built for such tasks. The chances of catching an actual ghostly voice on your recorder depends on the amount of activity and the strength of the ghost. In some cases, you may only need to leave the recorder for a few mintues and will be able to capture a voice - in other cases, you'll have to leave it out for at least a night - maybe longer. If you do not capture anything at all - you probably do not have a ghost to worry about OR the voices are too quiet or low to hear. Good luck, hope this helps.

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