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How can you tell a legit site from a fake scam?

On Yahoo articles on how to save money they said that there are online coupons to get free stuff but didn't say any links. Plus, there are WAY too many scams and rip offs out there.

How do you know what is a scam coupon and what is a real coupon? Is going to trusted sites and getting their samples safe (for example)going to and getting a free food network magazine?)

How do you tell if it's not a scam?

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    you can check a site if is scam or fraud related with google.

    check this tips here if you need more help.

    be safe

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    Things like the foodnetwork you can trust. Also when you are getting a coupon, depending on your system in computer, in the URL place where you put address, it should have a lock indicating it is safe. or if the space is green. if it doesn't do either, you may want to get info on that site.

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    No, don't buy stuff from any sites like that. You can buy from a good shop instead or look local markets.

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    Google it and see what other people say about it 1st. That's what I do then it usually is pretty easy to tell.

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