SBI net banking, how will i activate a net baking in SBI and what is the procedure?

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how will i activate a net baking in SBI and what is the procedure
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In order to activate SBI net banking, follow the steps below:
1. Apply for net banking in your SBI branch
2. After getting user id and password, log on to
3 Click on Personal Banking
4. Provide, user id and password for log in.
5. At this stage, you are required to change your user id and password and profile password.
6. Generally, at first, bank gives you viewing right. So, you only can view your account statement only but can not do any transaction.
7. Request your branch to give you transaction right.
8. After obtaining transaction right, you will be able to operate your net banking fully.

To learn more please visit:

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  • Amit answered 2 months ago
    Activating SBI internet banking is a very simple task. If you are thinking that you will have to do so many setting then you are wrong. You have to only download a Online SBI Registration Application Form from the Official website of SBI and after filling submit it to your branch. After few days your password will be sent to your given address. After that you can activate your SBI internet banking.

    If you want to perfectly then follow this Step by Step guide:

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  • Omvir Hooda answered 2 months ago
    how i open an net banking account online ?
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  • Dx answered 6 months ago
    Just visit you branch and tell them you want internet banking in you account.
    They will give you a internet kit and internet banking in your account. The internet banking kit has one time username and password which looks something like the pic shown below.

    Now go to banking official websites , make sure you visit right url to avoid phishing attacks..
    You will need to enter the username and password originally printed in your internet kit ,since it was one time login user/Password now you will need to change.

    After you login you will ask to set up new username , new login password and new profile password and register mobile no. where you will get all notifications and sms alerts.

    I will suggest you write down desire username and passwords on piece of paper before you login for the first time. As if you take too much the banking website will automatically logout after few minutes when no activity is done. And you might face problem to login once again using the username and password on internet banking. Don't forget to destroy the paper after you setup your account.

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  • CA pp jain answered 5 years ago
    Please visit the Branch in which you have account and fill up net banking application for and submit it after filling in.within 15 days you will get the user ID and password by post and you can operate your net banking.
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  • Hotei answered 5 years ago
    Do you mean SBI Securities, a Japanese Internet securities broker, by "SBI"?
    If so, try following telephone numbers in Japan. They may have English-speaking staff.

    If they don't have, write and send a letter by airmail to the address below with a notice like "I want to open my account in your company." on the envelope.

    SBI Securities Co., Ltd.
    Roppongi 1-6-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan


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