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How many almonds a 4 years old child can have?

My daughter is 4.5 years old. I give her 3 to 4 almonds per day. Is it harmful if she eats more than 1 or 2 almonds? What is the minimum number of almonds she can have at this age?


I am asking the minimum number of almonds to be given because i heared that giving more than one almond at this age and especially in summer seaon will create heat in the body. So please mention the number of almonds to be given. Thanks

Update 2:

Yes I give her after soaking them overnight

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    thats a biggest myth that has been passed on to us by our parents that eating almonds or eggs in summer is harmful. NO. U can give ur kids even upto 6 almonds per day but soaked in water. let her have anything she wants like almonds , raisin , cashews anything.(not too much in quantity but eating 2-3 more never harms. and let her eat whatever she likes. afterall its food only and not medicines that may over react. we as parents always tend to put more restriction on our child's eating habits but we always forget our times. so let her free and trust me she will grow in much healthy way.

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    How Many Almonds A Day

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    Raw almonds need to be soaked in water. They need to get puffy for adults and children as well.

    There are enzyme inhibitors in Almonds until they are soaked. When soaked, the enzymes are released for ease of digestion and this prevents gas.

    Most people don't know this stuff, so it sounds weird, but it's true.

    Organic almonds in the states are going through an FDA mandate to pasterize or super heat them, which renders the almonds useless in nutritional value.

    So, I have to buy imported organic almonds. Soak them, eat them, mix them in smoothies.

    My daughter laughed at me writing this right now, she said... Love them.

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    assuming you mean maximum number of almonds in a day, i would like to state that as long as you aren't over feeding the child in terms of snacking, any number of almonds are okay. However you should note that almonds don't replace meals

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    am giving my 4 year old 7 almonds n 1 walnut daily

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    please give 2 almonds a day its enough

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