Will Rajapaksa Govt be able to continue with its Genocide activities on innocent Tamils if Congress Lost?

Will Rajapaksa Govt be able to continue with its Genocide activity on innocent Tamils if Congress Lost

Congress Govt has heavily aided Sri Lankan Govt , even to the extend to having sent about 200 Indian army to lanka to fight the tigers while the sri lankan army kill the innocent Tamils, the recent issue stated that the Indian army were both badly injured and some killed, well this is war things happened.

25years later, the sri lankan forces have moved to their best calibre with the great support of India, Pakistan and China, mainly from India if not sri lanka army can never ever improve to this level.

But can their advancement be constant even after Congress loosing its ruling key, cz No Sonia means No Rajapaksa.....

who will Rajapksa depend on?

Sonia Gandhi did her level best to the very extend of putting a barrier to media on whetever happening to the innocent Tamils in lanka, whther it concern the lankan tamil massacre or genocide, all the mass protest and request from Tamil Nadu is nicely neglected under sonias" congress, as far as India is concern Sonia is always there for Rajapaksa, when the whole world and hillary and the international law president condemn the act of sri lanka genocide, sonia"s congress India was silent,

expecting the same from L.K Advani is heheh Rajapaksa can fly kite... being heavily pampered under congress

Congress and Sonia is indeed the hands and Brains of sri lanka.....

having it going away is equal to dooms day for Rajapaksa, cz under BJP there will be no aid to both sri lanka or LTTE, that is enough, all that is expected from India is "mind ur own buisness" but sonia is taking persnal revenge that she has joined hand with Rajapaksa, she has even sacrificed Indian soldiers under her rulings....

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    like terrorists of pakistan annoing us the srilankan govt is annoyed by the LTTE ..it the real fact ...tamilians can be saved only if LTTE chief get arrested

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    NO i dont think BJP will provide, RADAR, AMMUNITION , TANKS AND MANPOWER to fight the tigers, they will just make sure they are neutral over the issue, if the fight istypically between the ltte and sri lankan Govt , LTTE can overpower them, but now having the aiding from India aggressively to sri lanka, sri lankan Govt is facing their lifetime achievement over the Tamil Tigers.

    But the fact is they are still fighting LTTE , even a single tiger is a danger to an entire army, thats what the ltte is, so finishing them off is practically impossible which is why the sri lankan govt and army is killing male babies and children tapping on the future of male ltte, under sonia she has aided an evil sinhala Govt, day in and out instead of applying those aid on war , the sri lankan govt has taken advantage of the situation to kill the Tamil ethinc in general which is also welcomed by sonias" silence and Indian news barrier activities .

    Under BJP , Rajapaksa can forget it and he can face the reAL war and face defeat in hours

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    Not about Congress, During Indira Gandhi"s Time, there wld have been an indeoendant Elam just like what she did for a sepearte Bangladesh, too bad she was shot

    Sonia is just taking a so call personel revenge that she is working closely with the sri lankan Goverment.

    Ofcourse the president of sri lanka will face the weakness having India not being there for sri lanka, the after

    "no more sonia and congress help " will indeed be an issue for sri lanka, it will be complete opposite for the sri lankan goverment for what they are now.

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    Genocide activities on innocent Tamils are done by tiger terrorists.



    Mr.Nazir Merican don't make a false genocide in Sri Lanka.You haven't seen Sri Lanka and you are making false statements about the government of Sri Lanka .

    Some times you may have a propaganda to make such false accusations to safeguard Terrorists in our country.

    Tiger terrorists are the killing civilians who escapes from their human shield.

    That is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

    We are an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY and it doesn't matter who wins or looses in your countries election to end terrorism in our motherland.

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