Why did Sri Krishna proceed to attack Bheesma in Kurukshetra with chariot wheel?

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  • U H answered 5 years ago
Sri Krishna advised Arjuna to fight with heart in the battle against Bheesma especially. But Arjuna was fighting half heartly which could make Pandavas lost the righteous war against Kauravas.

The Battle of Maharbharat is about the war between the evil and truth.
Even if ones own persons are taking the wrong side, one should stand against them .. Is it easy to follow today ? Not doing battle in today's time of course.

But raise the voice or refuse to be part of activity against right persons.
Everytime Arjuna did not fought war properly against Bheesma.
Shree Krishna advised him many times. Then he himself took chariot wheel since he had promised not to take part in the war or use weapons. Just do the role of charioter .

On seeing Shree Krishna coming with the wheel towards Bhisma, Bhisma came forward to greet him knowing he is a god and he would be liberated after meeting death from the hands of god.
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  • chintu answered 5 years ago
    Bheesma was a great warrior and a wonderful personality.As Kauravas were losing the battle,Duryodhana approached Bheesma one night and told him that you are not fighting the battle to your full strength because you have affection for the Pandavas.Bheesma became very angry and immediately he picked up five arrows and chanted the mantras and told that tommorrow i will kill the Pandavas with these five arrows.Duryodhana was not having faith in Bheesma's word's and he asked Bheesma that i will keep these five arrows with me and will give you tommorrow morning.
    Long back when Pandavas were in living in the forest Duryodhana once came to the forest showing his egoistic attitude towards the Pandavas.He placed his camp on the opposite side of a pond where the Pandavas used to stay.Once while he was taking bath in that pond there the heavenly princes named Gandharvas came to take bath.Duryodhana could not tolerate this and he had a fight in which the Gandharvas captured him.On the request of Yudhisthir Maharaja Arjuna saved Duryodhana and set him free.Duryodhana was ashamed but being a kshatriya he asked Arjuna for a benediction and Arjuna told that i will ask when i will need it.
    It was during that night that Krishna reminded Arjuna and told him to go to Duryodhana and ask the five arrows.When Arjuna comes and asks for the five arrows Duryodhana was shocked and he says that i will give you the five arrows but can you tell me who told you about this and Arjuna smilingly replied that who else other than Shri Krishna would advice me.
    Duryodhana again goes to Bheesma and this time Bheesma tells that tommorrow " Either i will kill Arjuna or i will make Lord Krishna break his promise of not picking up any weapons during the war".
    On the next day there is an intense battle between Bheesma and Arjuna.Although Arjuna was very powerful he was no match for Bheesma.Bheesma soon shot arrows which cut his Armour and then also his Gandiva bow.Arjuna was helpless.As Bheesma was about to kill Arjuna with his arrows Lord Krishna could not tolerate his devotees plea and He immediately lifted the chariot wheel and advanced towards Bheesma.Arjuna tried to stopped Lord Krishna but the Lord says that in order to protect my devotee i break my own promise.Then the Lord tells Arjuna to shoot arrows at Bheesma and finally Arjuna pierces the body of Bheesmadev with his arrows.


    Srimad Bhagavatam by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanata Swami Prabhuapada 1st Canto Chapter 9
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  • *longing 2 answer* answered 5 years ago
    he was really angry.Bheesma was the best man and Arjuna couldn't kill him.Krishna had vowed that he will not take weapons in the war.In the great battle at Kurukshetra, Bhishma fought reluctantly on the side of the Kauravas; nevertheless, he gave it his best effort. At one stage Arjuna's disinclination to fight him, made Krishna break His vow of not arming himself in the war. Krishna charged at Bhishma to kill him with his Sudarshan Chakra and was welcomed with folded hands by Bhishma. Arjuna pleaded with Krishna to stop and reminded him of the vow. Not even Arjuna was able to defeat Bhishma because in addition to being a peerless warrior he was blessed with choosing the moment of his death.
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  • agdragon01 answered 5 years ago
    Bhishma was never attacked by Krishna with a chariot wheel in the Mahabharata. Krishna did advise Arjuna to attack Bhishma, and he (Bhishma) chose to die, because he was granted the power to choose when he would die previously.

    Now, if your asking why Arjuna, Bhishma's relative and student, attacked his elder, it is generally thought that the Battle at Kurukshetra is a metaphor for the spiritual battle within. You may face many "relatives" and "friends" that will divert you from your spiritual path, and the only way to get to the ultimate goal is to "defeat" them.


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  • Vivek S answered 5 years ago
    d story goes something lyk this,
    ARJUN n DURYODHAN goes 2 SRIKRISHNA 4 help in war against ech othr,SRIKRISHNA offered dem an offer dat one of u either take their army nd one shd take him(SRIKRISHNA).arjun took him 4 war n duryodhan took SRIKRISHNA's army.durin war SRIKRISHNA promised ARJUN dat he will not attack in d war n would not hurt ny one.but due 2 bheesm activity,SRIKRISHNA couldn't withstand n he found a charriot wheel near him,he took no tym in liftng it n throwed it towards BHEESMA...o.k.byeeeeeeeeeee
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  • Leonard answered 5 years ago
    He couldnĀ“t find a tractor wheel.
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  • jackson_paul1980 answered 5 years ago
    this is the turning point in world war 2.krishna is forced to fight against nazis.bheemsa belong to nazis
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