Is there shivlinga in mecca?

The people who worship shiva were always powerful therfore muslims are powerful according to hindu myth people who worship shiv even dev and danav(demons were powerful later they got punishment so terrorist are asur or danav or demon who r powerful for the timebeing

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    these are the pics of kaba stone

    check this (my) yahoo Q & A session;_ylt=Ak...



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    It should also be noted here that only in Mecca, the Muslim pilgrims circle around the sacred image of God (kaaba) as Hindus do in their temples. But Hindus go round the idol in a clockwise direction (pradakshinam) in all temples, except in Mahadeva temples where they do so in two parts—one in anti-clockwise up to a point and then clockwise up to the same point (that is, first apradakshinam and later pradakshinam). Arab devotees before Mahamadan (that is, Hindu or Budhist or pre-Islamic Arabs) might have adopted the above practice of circling round the kaaba or shivalinga in anti-clock wise manner (apradak-shinam), and the same practice was continued by the followers of Mahamadan also, with respect to the holy kaaba in Mecca. The same can be seen during the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. Again, Hindus worship Mahadeva as God Shiva, who adorns his head with a chandrakala (one circular portion of Moon-crescent). Rohini, being the dearest wife of Moon, is always seen close to him in the form of star in the sky.

    The religious symbol of Muslims of today is also a crescent with a star, probably because of the above reason and the similar belief of pre-Islamic Arabs. Therefore, one cannot totally ignore the belief of Hindus or the assertion of Guru Nanak that the kaaba being worshipped by Muslims in Mecca was once an ancient Mahadeva temple in the form of a shivalinga. Probably this is an area which requires more intensive studies, research and archaeological excavation by eminent scholars of Bharatvarsha and abroad, mainly to demolish the Hindu belief that kaaba in Mecca was once a Mahakaleswar temple and the kaaba in Mecca was originally a swayambu shivalinga in the form of a black stone. (Mahamadan in Sanskrit means ‘ego or bloated self-pride personified’; maha: great; mad: bloated ego or self-pride.)


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    In Mecca no shivlinga

    In Kaaba is a stone the shape may be oval and is kissed

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    Yes that is true. I wil prove you by below justification

    Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world.

    Islam came after it.

    So the first islamist must be a Hindu.

    He was not happy with some people in the society and hence went to a jungle oR a cave to worship shiva (the god of yogi's). Shiva gave him darshan at Mecca and asked him to ask for his wish. He asked for power and a acceptance of him as god by people. As Shiva could not backout from his words, he gave him a 'shivlinga' as a source of power. He also said that you cannot be god because even after so much of worship you still have hatred left in you. But you will be worshipped as god's messenger (Paigambar).

    Alongwith this God Shiva said that all this power will be only upto the time you will be able to save this Shivlinga from my other worshippers. Not making him god made him full of anger and hatred for Shiva.

    Getting all this power he invented a new religion out of hatred and kept all the procedures just opposite to Hinduism. He also introduced "Khatna" (cutting of penis skin) to show anger towards Shiva.

    That is why Muslim invaders always tried to convert the HIndu's so that no worshipper of Shiva is left and their power will be forever.

    You are right one day the Shiv Linga will be exposed to world and their power will be lost.

    Also 'spurt_s' will have a Shivlinga in his..............................

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    Without any malice towards Hinduism, if the Hindus believe that there is a Shivling inside the Kaaba, then they should start worshipping the Kaaba and keep pictures of Kaaba at home.

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      Request all to watch youtube and find out by your self as there really exist any shivling or deities. Islam prohibits idol worship and will not worship a shivling in the first place out of so many idols. Think about it....why a shiv ling? Yucks..

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    Muslims are very afraid of revealing this fact.

    What lies inside that tomb in Mecca is still a mystery..

    As the saying goes.. let me take some Ganges water to my Lord Shiva, if he exists there, and pray to him to show the jehadi Muslims the path of humanity & love.

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    There is no shivlinga in mecca, but there's a Burger King.

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    No, there is no shivlinga or any diety inside '' kaaba'' .

    Muslim dont worship '' kaaba''. We muslim worship only Almighty God '' Allah tala'' Who has no form or shape.

    For ur satisfaction visit this site u will see the inside of '' kaaba''.

    And whoever says that there is shivlinga in it is not telling the truth.

    Youtube thumbnail


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    For Arish,....If you look into India history you will find,..many religions,...which are older than Islam and Christians, Buddhism which came from Sanathana Dharma,...and Jainism which was older than Buddhism,...this 2 religions date back 2 8th Century BCE,...

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    islam is not aged even the so many temples still made out of stones in india. so islam can t be earlier than hinduism.

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    There is no shivlingam in Mecca. Muslims dont confuse between the Creator and the creations. Creator & Creations are two opposite things. A creator cant be created nor it can be self created also. We cant have a tall & short or hot & cold object. We cant have a created Creator. The world has changed or has been changed to more materialistic. People are made to forget death and they behave as if they are going to live in this world for ever. Humans have the unique feature to think and then act. Intelligence of men is a boon as long as it is used properly. The same can become a problem like HIV, Nuclear Bombs, Terrorism, Global Warming etc. This feature should be governed by some universal laws which is called religion. Man is losing the power to think due to he is neglecting His Creator and inventing false religions. Man cant create laws for himself. Simple proof is today the man written American constitution has been amended 300 times. Indian constitution written in 1949 by a man has been amended more than 100 times. For 5 years, one govt bans alcohol, the next 5 years another govt opens more wine shops. Likewise we can say millions of examples to prove that man cant control man beyond a limit. Above all these, the best control for man is his own self control. How to achieve this? It is thru religion and the belief of God. U have to identify the right religion using your logic reasoning and intelligence. Religion means path of life. Belief in rebirth is the only aspect which can make us to lead a peaceful life.

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