Energy stocks, where to invest?

The market is currently down, and i was told it is a GREAT time to get in. I wanted to get into renewable energy stocks. what are some good ones, or where can i go to do some research on them? I don't have to much to invest with. . Here are some stock i was looking into.














I found theses stock of a "top solar energy stocks to buy" so what is good. Somebody give me advice, please.

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    1 decade ago
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    The S&P 500 is up 28% from its recent low. And some people say that many stocks are overvalued now due to their high PE ratio.

    And renewable energy stocks might not do all that well even if the stock market goes up some more and the economy recovers. Because energy stocks usually do well late in the business cycle, when the demand for energy often outstrips the supply.

    I think that investing for the long term now is too risky. Because it's not yet clear that the economy will get better in any significant way in the near future. And there is a good chance that it might get worse due to rising unemployment and more defaults on mortgages and other debts.

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    Solar energy stocks are somewhat of a speculative endeavor. With oil at below $100 a barrel, solar energy is not competitively priced. Also the fact that you have a list a foot long does not help matters any at all. Too competitive.

    APC has proven reserves currently valued about about $7.50 a barrel, yet oil is currently selling at about $50. APA at about $8.20 and CHK about about $5.00. At least there is some value there.

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    You could buy a solar power ETF:

    Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy (TAN)

    It has 10 solar companies bundled together including FSLR.

    The best 2 stocks on your list:

    Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL)

    Yingli Green Energy Hold. Co. Ltd. ADR (YGE)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago recommends FSLR. The reason that stock is doing well is because they can produce a unique type of solar panel, which has a big advantage over other solar panels. That's the only one i can recommend for you off your list. Check this site out, it gives good stock recommendations:

  • Anonymous
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    I'm into Crestreet Alternative Energy Fund (see chart)

    You will be hard pressed to find a better performing fund at this time.

    Doug T.......The mutual fund guy

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    I would buy each of them if you like all of them.

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