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Which "British" politicians bear most responsibility for mass immigration?

Update 2:

The trouble for the government is that while promoting mass immigration might make people feel cosmopolitan and modern, and calling critics racist may make people feel virtuous, few of the consequences of mass immigration have been thought through. The long immigration silence has meant that all negative consequences of migration have been suppressed, and only the positive aspects talked about. If you blind yourself to all negative consequences of a complex policy,

Update 3:

Ask: which "British" politicians bear most responsibility for mass immigration?

and make a note never to vote for them again

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    It is already too late to do anything about immigration here in UK. The lie that we all come from somewhere else is based upon cobblers and not the truth. When I heard Jack Straw say in the Commons, "There is no such thing as the British Race", I knew then that he does not belong here and that his own ancestry is suspect.

    There is such a thing as the British Race and it's far bigger than anyone ever thought. A team of DNA researchers from Oxford Uni are finding vast numbers of British people with an ancestry going way back in many cases as far back as 12,000 years ago.

    I am myself Welsh, a Brythonic Celt and there is no way that I'm descended from immigrants in the modern sense - we've been here for many thousands of years. So to have vast swathes of the people who think of themselves as the English, but who are in fact originally of British and Germanic Celtic descent.

    The only connection between the Celts and far off PK is the language in that Welsh is an Indo-European language and not a Germanic Language.

    A PK woman I read about in the papers who had gone to live in Wales, said she had started doing Welsh lessons and was amazed to discover so many words in Welsh which are the same as in Urdu. This does not mean the Welsh are related to the people of PK - it only means that both groups share a common ancestral language which probably came about, thousands of years ago, for trading purposes, very much in the same manner in which English spread across the Globe in the modern world etc.

    so it goes anyway. . . .

    The British - more ancient than we think.

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    Whilst immigration from the West Indies began with the encouragement of a Conservative Government most legislation giving rights to the citizens of former British Colonies to settle here was enacted under Labour. Of course the main culprit was this Labour Government who for their own political purposes allowed mass immigration since 1997. Just like their spendthrift ways another disaster for the people of Britain.

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    John Major

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    On the theory that the buck stops here Blair and Brown must be the likeliest candidates, for it had to pass under their hands and given the green light , in that they will go down in history as the men that did what history and a thousand enemies couldn't , Destroy the race of Britain's forever and turn Britain into a fifth rate backwater garbage bin.

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    The whole of the labour party, plus all the Politically Correct, Diversity trained Guardian Reading Tossers

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    I think Gordon Brown's "soft-touch" to immigration especially his refusal to pull out of the dual nationality agreement with Pakistan and his refusal to call Glasgow bombers Muslim terrorists (as they were Muslims and terrorists), and not doing enough to clamp down on the student visa program demonstrates a major hole in public security. Personally I believe had Blair remained in office and did not let Brown bully him out I feel the immigration policy would be much tougher in the UK.

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    tony blair and his "new labour" have to shoulder much of the responsibilty for the problems facing the country today.

    it is only since 1997 since immigrants were given the right to do as they please that has kicked all this off because of labours desire to suck up to brussells.

    before this time strict controls were kept on immigrants-before 1997 you couldn't just walk into the port of dover and demand a house/benefits etc just because you are claiming asylum-it just did not work that way.

    labour and labour alone were responsible for opening the EU floodgates in 1997 (without asking us-the voters-i might add) and this has allowed eastern europeans and all other manner of riff-raff into the country unchecked.

    immigrants-particularly the muslims-think they can get away with murder now because they have been given too much leeway by the government-they feel they can do and say as they wish and they use their favourite weapon of accusations of racism against anyone who dares to speak out against them.

    that radicalist choudry wants to run a series of "roadshows" to force british civilians to accept sharia law-what bloody right have they got to come into our country and tell us we have to accept their way of life?.

    i look forward to the day he comes here-then i can tell him in person where to stick his sharia laws.

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    SIMPLE THE ONE WHO HAS MADE THE MOST CASH OUT OF IT look at the MPs who own agency's that employ them that how you will tell

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    Harold Wilson and Edward Heath . Simply because they were in power during the period when this should have been dealt with .

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    It certainly wasnt Enoch Powell !

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