I got a referral for something that I think is not fair?

I'm in the seventh grade and I never get in trouble. A new girl came to our school because the school board changed the boundaries. So, at first I Absolutely DID NOT like this new girl, but we started becoming friends. But, I heard from another student that this new girl was making up rumors about me in "Math Lab" (a class for people that didn't pass the math TAKS test, and i'm not in it) and Ivy (new girl) told everyone in the class that I have a secret journal where I draw and write about this guy from our school, and that I have bad BO, and that i'm a terrorist. Next day, I find a science test review sheet that happens to be Ivy's...I was so pissed, I wrote all these bad things all over it like "wh0re no one wants you here" and "go suck ur bf's c0ck" I decided to keep the paper and gave Ivy a chance to explain what really happened and somehow she persuaded me that she didn't spread the rumors about me. So in science we were watching a video and Ivy and I were passing notes and she asked me if I wanted to spend the night at her house on Friday but next morning everyone was saying that I invited Ivy to my house and stuff. I remembered ripping the note to shreds and throwing it away, so no one would've gotten it so right then I was positive that I Ivy WAS actually spreading rumors about me. I was so mad, I gave Ivy the sheet with the cuss words all over it when she wasn't looking and walked away. Next period, Ivy yelled "I gave it to Mrs.Embry (assistant principle)! Now ur getting SAC, *****!" across the hall to me. I thought she was just kidding, but then Mrs.Embry called me into her office and gave me a referral and a Saturday detention, while Ivy on the other hand, wasn't punished at all..Mainly, I think that Ivy wasn't punished because her mom is actually a teacher at our school and she and Mrs.Embry are good friends..

Anyways, when I came home, Mrs.Embry had callen my dad and told him about everything. He was VERY mad and he said that I can't get into a good high school (I was planning to apply for Townsend Harris High School) or a good college and now he is treating me like I'm the maid or something...

Do you think I should've been punished like this while Ivy was off the hook? and Do referrals and detentions show up on ypur permannent record? and Do you think my dad should really treat me like this?


I actually told both the principal and my dad what happened beginning to end..my dad doesn't believe half of it and like I said, I think Mrs.Embry is going easy on Ivy because she's friends with her mom..

Update 2:


I go to Cedar Valley Middle School, you?

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    It sounds as if Ivy is jealous. One bad referral is not going to ruin your life. I wouldn't deal with Ivy at all. Take this as a learning lesson. Anything that Ivy does to you write it down in a journal for evidence. Just in case she tries anything again. Hey there will be a lot more Ivy's in the world. As far as your dad, did you tell him what Ivy been doing to you. This too will pass. When you are older you will look back and laugh at this situation. Trust Me!!!!!

  • Referrals do end up on ur permannent record and dont worry i have a teach who always gets mad at me shes a total BlTc|-| and ur dad is just worried and hes saying that so u will get into a good school. Detentions dont show up on ur record though ive gotten 2 before just talk to the princible tell her the whole story beginning to end. Then hope that if she calls in Ivy that Ivy wont lie her way through the whole thing. And wat school do u go to because i know u live in TX (i live down here too i also take TAKS) and i was just wondering.

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    well go to the detention and be cool about it. the next time you can heres what you do. Hit yourself or cause a bruise on yourself and go into the princepals office, shd some tears and tell her that Ivy punched you when you tried to apologize for the paper. You got to be convincing,or they will see thru it. Tell your Dad that you were trying to forgive and forget and this girl has threatened you and you are afraid for your self. If you play this like an Oscar winning performance, she will catch hell over it. I guarentee it will work, let everything cool off for a week or so then set your plan in motion. And do not tell a soul about what you are going to do. Good luck

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    Your dad is just worried. One refferal won't make you destined for begging for money on the street. Just leave Ivy in the dust and keep your head up toward other people who aren't psycho.

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    Wow that is completely unfair! While you should have talked to her about it instead of writing that note I feel that its so not fair she should have gotten at least some punishment! and I know in a blind furry of pissed off-ness that you don't really think well and scribbling everything down, i do it too.

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