I like to buy a rajapalayam dog.but i need know about rate. can any one assist me?

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Update : i need to know about rajapalayam puppy 's price
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I can't assist you, but thanks for introducing me to a neat looking dog. Very cool! If you are in India, I found some websites which mentioned the government helping folks acquire and breed these dogs since they are on the verge of extinction.
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  • Balaji answered 5 years ago
    Ask Veterinary doctor .the dog is not too costly great Indian dog .one man control.you have taken wise idea .This breed was used for hunting long back in Rajapalayam. It is a hound dog, white in colour with good height (18-20 inches – Male, 20-22 inches Female). Its nose is generally light in colour-pink.

    This race resembles to a large miniature Dane, with his powerful construction, muscular and heavy. It is a typical gun dog for wild boar. It is usually white, the skin being pink. It has a deep breast piece. The hairs are soft on the head but gross on the body. The males make approximately 25 kg and 65 cm with the garrot and the bitches approximately 20 kg and 60 cm with the garrot. It has an arched head which is carried high. It can have some wrinkles on the head and the throat but of any marked pole. The skin is loose everywhere on the body and the eyes are dark and usually brown dark. The ears are hanging and give one of soft leather. The jaws powerful and one are articulated out of scissors. The tail thinned on 1/3 its length giving him an osseous aspect. The legs are long. It needs freedom and space. Correctly educated, it makes an excellent watchdog.
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  • Raam answered 5 years ago
    They are really good for hunting. I guess it doesnt price more than 1000-2000 Rs.
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  • Shiv answered 5 years ago
    you have to contact some kennel club or vet from Bangalore india.
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  • Dog lover/Shia&max answered 5 years ago
    What do you mean rate?
    add details.
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  • SummerGold. answered 5 years ago
    WhAt kind of dog is that?
    From my Iphone
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