My mom is having some problem in uterus(cyst in ovary) and the uterus is found to be slightly enlarged.?

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doctor had advised for a DNC. but our family frd( who is also a doctor) advised us that this method is much older and new methods hav come in existence. can anyone help me abt tis more
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try a second opinion from a good gynecologist
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  • Sanjay K answered 5 years ago
    I don't think DNC is going to help for cyst in ovary. About uterus enlargement, can be due to hormonal dysfunctions also so it is better to go for a second opinion in this case or get a repeated USG abdomen to see the cause of the uterine enlargement.
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  • TheHonorableReese answered 5 years ago
    You aren't going to get a better answer on here than you would from your doctor, so I would definitely look into that second opinion and see what it is. The less invasive a procedure, the better.

    A DNC is where they enter the uterus through the vagina and pretty much "cut out" whatever is inside. This can be a dangerous procedure, because the lining of the vagina or uterus can accidentally be punctured, which is probably why the other physician suggested against it.

    There is a possibility your mom may need a partial or complete hysterectomy, which is the removal of the ovary, uterus, or both. A lot of times they will do this if there is a concern about cysts being cancerous or causing other major problems in the uterus or ovaries. They're more likely to do this after menopause, and in many cases prescribe hormone therapies to make sure body chemistry continues to function normally.


    Nursing student
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  • blaze answered 5 years ago
    ya DNC is a better option.The problem must be fibroid uterus.being a small ovarian cyst it could be ignored.Depending on the age factor the decision can be opt.My mother had a similar problem since she is almost 53 we opted for hysterectomy .
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