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secobarbital is known in india as (i think it is called seconal)but i m not sure ,anyone out here what it is?

called in india.

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    seconal Sodium ( a barbiturate for insomnia)

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    Secobarbital is the same thing as seconal. It was given out freely in the 50s & 60s for sleep & came in 100 mg red capsules. They also has a smaller red capsule of 50 mg, but it was really rarely used( on children) but was if people got too zonked by the 100mg caps. Of course we had to sign for it because it is classified as a control drug as a barbiturate. Other barbiturates given around that time were nembutal (yellow cap.) in 100 mg dose & tuinal 100 mg( also 50 mg in both of these) The tuinal was a tri-colored capsule, turquoise blue & orange in color, which was popular & called by some people who loved these drugs "Christmas trees". These drugs are rarely used today for with the overdoses then, they were easily fatal. Marilyn Monroe was maybe killed by an overdose of these? ...maybe?

    Source(s): NJ RN - Good grief, Charlie Brown! See what us old folk remember?
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    It is a sleeping aid, and a barbituate.

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