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Have British politicians deceived the public by pretending that "immigration was unplanned and just happened"?

The claim by most politicians seems to be that the millions of immigrants from the Asian subcontinent , Africa etc etc simply came here and it was something they had no control over. I think it was known in advance and that they did not consult the people on this massively important issue because they knew they would not get agreement from the real British


spellchecker@btinterne...Many people were paid by the UK for many reasons, there was no contract saying that made them British. You talk like a George Galloway supporter

Update 2:

glenn, what is "thinly disguised" about my comment ? It is clear not thinly disguised

Update 3:

Thanks Crow, I had already decided to do just that. I am amazed that a government could increase the UK population by millions of Africans and Asians and then claim it was all "by accident" they could not foresee it happening. Lies , damm lies, and politicians statements

Update 4:

I mean Africans and Asians E Europeans Chinese etc etc

Update 5:

nokilleye, That is what they want you to believe, the UK is an island, very easy to control people coming into an island as Hitler found out. Government have denied responsibility for millions of Asians etc coming here, what liars they are and what fools believe them

Update 6:

So the governments of the UK did not know roughly how many Asians/Africans etc were coming and if they did there was nothing they could do about it? This is a bigger lie than an MP's expense sheet

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    Of-course they have. They are nothing more than criminals in suits. They have always lied and they always will. Look at the expenses they have claimed. Look at the illegal war based on a lie. Look at the complete lack of consultation with the people over pretty much everything. Look at them making it illegal for people to excersize their democratic right to protest in parliament square. look at the Labour government bringing in tuition fees when they benefitted from a free education.

    Look at them allowing mass surveilance, and allowing the police to now enter your home without any justification required other than 'probable cause' - which is so vague, it means nothing.

    The list goes on and on. Chruchill said that democracy is a terrible form of government, it's just the least bad of all forms. He was right. The sad reality is that all politians ever do is lie, lie and lie again. They think they are in power when they are actually in office and are there to serve us and do as they are told.

    You may find the following interesting:

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    Whilst immigration from the West Indies began with the encouragement of a Conservative Government most legislation giving rights to the citizens of former British Colonies to settle here was enacted under Labour. Of course the main culprit was this Labour Government who for their own political purposes allowed mass immigration since 1997. Just like their spendthrift ways another disaster for the people of Britain.

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    My theory is that it started in the Cold War post 1948 with the fear of communism in Europe when the UK government did things like the £10 assisted passage scheme to Australia, to both encourage migration of Britain of workers who might become militant in Trade Unionism, and to cave into Commonwealth demands, as with America between the wars, for a migrant workforce to help develop their economies. In return the UK governments of the time looked foreward to a cheap non-unionised workforce, which started with the Windrush generation in 1948, who the UK government lied to that they could make a 'new life' in Britain, they arrived and found that only the most menial and dangerous jobs were open to them, housing was going to be at the mercy of exploitative landlords who would herd them into slum ghettos, and their children would be discriminated against at school.

    It got a bit more polite after that but the principle remained the same.

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    From a US perspective (perhaps only similar to UK), yes and no.

    The US is fundamentally very bad at 'controlling' anything (fundamentally very bad at planning, preparing, coordinating anything in advance) so that's the 'no'.

    On the other hand, the US is culturally extremely keen on a desperate starving flood of cheap labor, so that's the 'yes'.

    Essentially, final answer is: In cultural mentality and attitude, US always does everything it can to attract and encourage desperate starving refuges to drive down our wages and degenerate our own conditions because robbing ourselves and our lives of all value is always 'the best thing for us', but we do it all passively because we're too stupid and incompetent to actually plan, prepare or organize anything on purpose.

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    Well mike. June the 4th is nearly here. Don't get mad mate, get even. Use you vote to humiliate all three of the main parasites. Lib Dem's, conservatives, and labour. Show them that we will not tolerate being represented in Europe, by thieves, crooks and liars. vote outside of the main three. Bury the crooked b@stards for good. the people of this country deserve better. do your bit mate.

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    I am American and yet even though Im from an english speaking country.. They try to make it IMPOSSIBLE to move there for me. My fiancee is English, When the economy collapsed and I lost my home in the states, He told me to just come to England and we could get married and sort out a visa. WRONG! They changed all the rules around.. I was deported because they said I need to apply at the British Embassy in my home country and they wouldn't let me apply in England. What they didn't tell me, is how impossible it was to apply at the embassy. They want 2 grand, the past 3 years of financial statements from both of us. (Paystubs, bills, lease agreements, tax statements, big purchases, etc.) they want me to fill out a mountain of paperwork plus if my fiancee doesn't make enough money to support me, I get declined anyway. My fiancee is out of work due to a spinal injury. They said.."Just wait a few years and when hes well enough to work and support you then you can reapply." They wont even let him into my country because of the same sort of crap! So what now? Oh right.. I get to sit in America, miserable and alone because they didn't think I deserved the right to be in their country. Even though my entire family is of English descent..

    HOWEVER!!!! 200,000 IMMIGRANTS A DAY flood into London from Arab nations, African Nations, Asian.. You name it. Everyone BUT English speaking countries. WTF is up with that? When I did the research on where all these Africans were coming from.. I found out that the Church of England is the one bringing them over through a loophole in the law. They can issue Visas for Africans and Muslims but not for me? They wouldnt even talk to me when I went down there to find out if they could help me. Thamesmead (the place in England I was living) Is now 50% African, 25% Muslim and 25% English. The Africans are driving around in nicer cars, working better jobs and living in nicer houses then the English are! One day while walking my dog with my fiancee, this African guy nearly ran us over because he didnt know how to drive.. Do you know what he shouted out the window at us? "This is OUR COUNTRY NOW! F*CK OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE!"

    My fiancee was so infuriated by this.. Hows it their country now? How do they get benefits the moment they step foot in the UK and why do I have to wait 10 years before Id be allowed benefits? Do I have to convert to Islam in order to have a life with my fiancee in England?? Pardon my frustrations.. But I just got deported last week and Im still pretty damn pissed off about it. I want to go home... and I dont see how thats going to happen. Its not right..

    Ooooo thumbs down! People on YA never have to go thru crap like this, yet they are so quick to judge other people. This has been the worst 6 months of my life.. Yet you try to explain to people how horrible the situation is and all you get is a thumbs down. Go figure.. No wonder its only getting worse. People dont care about the forest fire til its in their own back yard. Its that selfishness thats going to be the downfall of us all someday.

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    the looney left,along with the politicians,set out to destroy the english way of life.and to change england into something that is mongerl,

    churchill must be turning in his grave.

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    they have deceived the public and not only that they do not actually care about the damage that mass migration to this country has caused.

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    jee ofcourse friendo thats what thoes wiesals do lie lie and lie

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    this scum we have for a government are nothing but traitors

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