Can you get AT&T DSL service WITHOUT a home phone service in Chicago?

I have an apartment in Chicago to go to school at Loyola University. To save money, im not going to waste money on a home phone service when i already have a cell phone. but i need internet and i cant live without it. BUT can i get DSL without a home phone service? AT&T said something about a "special" modem but does that make sense? Plz help

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    sure you can- it's called DRY LOOP DSL. it is available in most areas, and is a little bit more costly than when you add it with a phone line. i would suggest going to theres a link on the right hand side that says "dsl without a phone line" . or you can call 1877-u-ask-att to find out more info and whats available in your area. you just need to have a phone jack to plug it into, but it doesn't have to be an active jack. the technician will activate the line just for dsl. if you decide to go with at&t use referral code JR0583. good luck!

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    Sure can...dropped my land line a couple of months ago. And if you have an AT&T wireless account, you will get a discount off your DSL bill if you link them together (I pay $35.99 for what is normally $45.99).

    I use the same modem now that i used when i had a landline.

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    You can stick with cable modem. We have digital cable and we get our internet through that.

    Does not require a phone line. But it does need a router which is the "special" modem. Normally a company will charge "rent" for it which is like 3 bucks per month.

    You can just stop by at a computer store and ask for a router that will allow you to get on the internet through a cable. Be prepared to pay around 30- 60 bucks.

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    yes, you can get "dry" or "naked" DSL... it is DSL with out the voice side of the line.... it normally cost more than DSL costs when you have voice service, but still cheaper than the combine phone + DSL bill....

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    Dsl Without Phone Service

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