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What was Euclid's contribution in the realm of geometry?

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  • Buru answered 6 years ago
Euclid , another name Euclid of Alexandria and also known as Father of Geometry. A Greek mathematician known for the major contribution on geometry. The whole new stream of geometry established by him known as Euclidean Geometry. Basically the modern 2 dimension geometry (mean what u can draw on a paper) is actually adopted from the Euclidean Geometry. and also it is the basic building block of the modern geometry.

All of his invents and developments , axioms etc. are written on his book "Euclid's Elements" that consisting 13 book. This is one of the most influential and successful textbook ever written.

He also works of Number Theory, Spherical Geometry, Conic Section etc.
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  • archimedes answered 6 years ago

    There is an entire discipline in mathematics known as Euclidean Geometry.

    Euclid's Elements, 13 books containing the principles of geometry and a good deal of algebra and number theory, is still being used today.

    Next to the bible, Euclid's Elements is the most widely published book(s) in history !

    Do a google search on "Euclid" to get a wealth of information.

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  • Mathgirl answered 6 years ago
    Plane geometry. (Geometry problems that can be done on paper).
    Non-Euclidean Geometry involves the idea that the world is not flat, so the problems involve curves rather than flat planes.
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  • Paladin answered 6 years ago
    not much, unless you count "Elements"
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  • what was Euclid's contribution in the realm of geometry?
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