Good/Bad idea to get a degree before joining police?

after I leave school I would like to join the police and maybe join the C.I.D but I'm not really sure if its a good idea to get a degree in say; criminology before I join as a lot of people have different answers and I'm not sure what's best :S.

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    The only time a degree may be beneficial is when you initially apply to join the police. As far as promotion goes every officer is allowed to apply for promotion. You would have to pass the relevant exam and then you will be given a trail period. If successfull you then have to pass a board then you may be offered a full time job in the next rank. The process then starts again for the next rank.

    Some officers, usually ones with no intention of ever getting their hands dirty, have little or no common sense and are incapable of working as part of a team, these officers usually apply to get on the accelerated promotion scheme. The main criteria is that they can pass exams and have no people skills whatsoever!

    .....oh dear, im starting to rant.....sry!

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    I always think it is better to go to university and get a degree for many reasons.

    The first is that it will help you advance in the police faster, and allow you to enter more professional areas such as the C.I.D.

    The second is that if you did do a degree in university, went into the police for a year and decided you didn't like it, you have a whole degree full of opportunities waiting for you, so it will be easier to find a job somewhere else.

    The third is that it's just a better experience to go to university first. You will have a better understanding of life, better career opportunities, you will meet more people and make new friends. It'll just be better.

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    if u wana join the CID u will need a degree but 4 that u will mainly a millitary law enforcement backround and nothing less then time as a cop already but 2 be a normal policeman u do not need a degree it does not hurt 2 have 1 and may need 2 years worth of credits but otherwise it a waste of time and as fer as what the other dude said u need a degree 2 advance hes flat out wrong. if ur promoted it depends solely on the test score u have for it. lets say ur a patrolman and u wana be a SGT. u take the kinda same test u took when u took the test when u got on. but that test on what SGT's do they wana make sure u will b good superviser. and as u climb the ranks u will have to take the test 4 that rank u do not need a degree 2 move up

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    A degree may be beneficial on your application, but that is what is wrong with our force today. Uni people come in on fast track, never had any experience of real life, and the next thing you know they are telling good experienced officers the wrong thing to do. I think the fast track uni student entrance scheme should be scrapped. make way for proper coppers who know about life, not snotty nosed students. The police are now totally out of touch with the public, caused mainly by these snotties.

    Source(s): Ex police officer, 30 yrs service.
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    It is never a bad idea to get a degree. If you hope to advance in the force a degree will almost always be required. It also allows you to expand to other areas. In the event you decide law enforcement is not for you, you have the ability to move to other areas.

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