what are the ranks of the police?

what are all the police ranks and what are the differences?

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    I take it UK.. constable, Sergeant, inspector, Ch inspector, supt, Ch Supt, *** chief constable, deputy ch Constable....oh hell the list is endless.

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    Police Constable= A starting officer in the police force.

    Sergeant= Sergeant (normally abbreviated to "Sgt") is a rank used in the police. To become a sergeant you must work within the police for 7 years

    Inspector= Within the British police, Inspector is the second supervisory rank. Inspector is senior to that of Sergeant, but junior to that of Chief Inspector.

    Chief Inspector= In the British police, a Chief Inspector is senior to an Inspector and junior to a Superintendent. It is approximately equivalent to the rank of Captain in United States police forces.

    Superintendent= The rank of Superintendent is senior to Chief Inspector and junior to Chief Superintendent. The rank badge is a crown worn on the epaulettes, the same as a Major in the British Army.

    Chief Superintendent= In the British police, a Chief Superintendent is senior to a Superintendent and junior to an Assistant Chief Constable (or a Commander in the Metropolitan Police or City of London Police).

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    It really varies from department to department, but a typical structure may look like this:

    Chief (or Commissioner)

    Deputy Chief




    Corporal (or Patrolman)

    Within the ranks you have different functions or divisions:

    Uniform (the ones who wear uniforms and patrol)

    Detective (the ones who typically wear suits and do investigative work)

    Special unit (SWAT, Bomb Squad, etc.)

    Each division has officers of varying ranks, so you could have a Patrol Sergeant or a Sergeant Detective or a SWAT Sergeant.

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    That depends on the agency. Each agency tends to have a slightly different rank structure. My agency goes (from bottom to top):








    My agency is a State agency and we have a Director but everyone usually refers to him as Chief.

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