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Advantages/Disadvantages of growing lettuce in plastic tunnels?

Does anybody know any disadvantages and advantages of using a plastic tunnel when growing lettuce?


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  • mejxu
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    1 decade ago
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    This illustrated publication lists Advantages and disadvantages and reports a lot of details regarding material, costs etc.

    Another one:

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    Advantage is seed germinates earlier in year and plants grow away quicker in spring. In the autumn plants can be kept drier so less prone to rot. The leaves should be cleaner as well due to rain not being able to splash dirt up of the ground.

    Disadvantages are high temperatures during summer leads to scorch and limp lettuces. A lack of ventilatiion can lead to fungal diseases, The hotter environment suits greenfly and there are less predators to feed on them.

    Hope that helps

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    advantages of plastic tunnels

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