Has this been the best decade for progressive music since the 70s?

I think so...There have been so many bands coming up that are playing this kind of music (technical progressive type rock/metal)..

Few years ago Green Day fans used to laugh at prog musicians but today its more like a fashion...like its cool to call a band progressive

Why this sudden change?...Do u think this is like a cycle?..prog in 70s and now..


Bands like Mastadon and Muse a few years ago were called something else (genre wise)...today both are called prog rock/metal...so i guess its cool now to call band prog

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    Well to me progressive merely means not afraid to do what you feel doing. In the eighties and the nineties, unlike the seventies and for non-top forty bands today, they cared more about conformance which is how records got sold. Many will say that grunge was the opposite of conforming but it was conforming in its own style - grunge didn't take musical chances that bands who choose the progressive road do.

    The seventies was a time of music experiment which started in the mid to late sixties and ended when disco became king. Now it's coming around full circle again and bands are finding that pleasing themselves in what makes them happy in playing in essence pleases their fans.

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    Yes... Muse, Mastodon, Coheed & Cambria, Opeth, Dream Theater, Enslaved, etc etc. There are a bunch of great prog groups of this decade. I don't think it's a fad, I think there are just a bunch of bands that were influenced by that type of 70s music.

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    The 80's... Buckethead(started), symphony x, Pallas and Twelfth Night.

    EDIT: Exclude Symphony X and add IQ. Sorry, got confused.

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    I think 80's, just think of it:


    dream theater

    symphhony x


    the big 4 of progressive metal

    it's like the emo phase. a lot of people hate it yet the more people go emo. it's ridiculous. people are so trendy

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    I wouldn't say so... my favourite music era would have to be the 90's (With the uprise of AFI!!!) Now there are too many rap, pop, and indie loving bastards out their clogging up our radio's with their shitty music

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    Kind of

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