Where to use sodium benzoate and potassium metabisulphate as preservatives in food preparations?

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Sodium benzoate is generally used in pickles and potassium metabisulphate(KMS) is added to juices and squashes as a preservative.
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  • cheetu answered 5 years ago
    One has potassium and the other has sodium! They are both salts of benzoic acid.

    But really, the two are the same in terms of their functionality -- they are both the conjugate base of benzoic acid. If you are simply making a buffer solution with benzoic acid and a benzoate salt, it makes no difference. However, if being used for human consumption, there is a difference between potassium and sodium.

    For more, see the Wikipedia links to the left of this answer.
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  • Aditya answered 5 years ago
    see this link plzz vote

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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    This is simple! use them on chicken. hope this helps!
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