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Two year olds feet STINK, how do I get his shoes to smell better!?

Hi, my sons two. Since it's summer time he's wearing his leather sandals all the time. He's only had them about 2 months, but they smell awful. His little feet are so sour when he takes off the shoes too. Is there a way to get rid of the smell??

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    baby powder.

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    When you wash his feet, be sure to get in between his toes. He may have a fungus, which you can get rid of by cleaning his feet often and thoroughly and drying them off immediately after the bath. You should also spray his shoes (all of them) with Lysol or a similar disinfectant. Have him wear socks with all his shoes and sandals. Do not allow him to wear the same socks over two days. If he plays in puddles or other areas where his socks and shoes can get wet, this could be worsening the problem. Make sure he avoids these wet areas. Lastly, consider letting him go without socks and shoes while he's indoors. If your floors are clean, this would be a good idea to let his feet air out.

    I hope this helps!

    Source(s): I've got a 13 year old son and a 18 month old daughter.
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    Go to a Walgreens store and find something that's a spray that's a foot odor preventer. Spray it on his feet before you put his shoes on.

    His feet may be stinking because the stuff from the shoe is synthetic. Sometimes it make the feet sweat more which smells.

    Hope I helped!!

    : )


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    No. Get rid of them. You do not know what chemicals were used to treat them but they obviously are having a bad reaction on his feet. Wash his feet well. DRY them well. Let him go without shoes or with open sandals (not the leather ones) as much as possible. His feet need air.

    If he still has the problem after a couple of weeks, you will need to get the doctor to prescribe a fungicidal creme for him. (Do NOT use over the counter things on a baby. They will be too harsh.)

    Good luck

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    2 Year Old Shoes

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    My daughters (7 & 3) and I all use Dr. Scholl's Odor Destroyers all day deoderant spray.

    I use it in almost all of my shoes, I use it in shoes that they wear often. I spray it in the shoe a little a head of time so that it has time to dry (5-10 min)

    It really works well, I mean really well. My feet made me sick, I wanted to pitch the shoes. But even saved the shoes after using the spray daily for a while with them.

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    Baby Powder will make the shoes smell better, but he may be keeping his feet wet or something and it's making his feet smell that way. Keep his feet (in between the toes especially) dry and he should be fine.

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    I would use a talic powder in his shoes, or maybe a dr sholes liner. Try soaking his feet in an epson salt bath to help releave some of the sour smell.

    My daughter suffers from the same thing. her smelly feet never goes away.

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    Try buying a box of fabric softener sheets and a bottle of Febreeze.

    1) Because sandals have holes in them, and would let the scent from the sheets escape, put 2 fabric softener sheets in each sandal and cover them with a blanket overnight, or anytime when he's not wearing them. In the morning, spray them with Febreeze. Absolutely do not use a freshener like Lysol, because if he gets it all over his skin, it could become a chemical mess.

    Also, baby powder is a great trick.

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    Apply a little corn starch or talc/baby powder on his feet before and after the shoes or sandals are worn. If the sandals have closed toes put a little talc in there too, same with the sneakers or closed shoes. Better to have a little powder on the floor than to have to treat foot fungus.

    Source(s): Been there, done that!
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