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I want quit from yahoo groups?

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Best Answer
  • Riki answered 6 years ago
Go to the group's site, click on edit membership along the top. In the next window scroll down and check leave group Click save changes and you should be out. It may take a day to take effect.
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  • all-rounder answered 6 years ago
    On the Web:

    1. Sign in to Yahoo! Groups and go to your group on the web.
    2. From any page on the group, click the Edit Membership link at the top of the page.
    3. Click the Leave Group link at the bottom right of the page.
    4. Confirm on the next page.

    The group will no longer be listed on the My Groups page, and you’ll no longer receive messages.

    To leave/unsubscribe via email:

    From your email program, send a blank message to:


    Make sure to replace "groupname" with the actual name of the group (e.g., pastry_chefs-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com...

    Alternatively, you may wish to remain a member but reduce or eliminate group email by changing your message delivery option to No Mail/Web only, Daily Digest, or Special Announcement. From the "Edit Membership" Page, you can also change your email frequency settings to one of these options.

    Note: If you own a group, you must first give up your ownership in the Members section of your group before you can leave on the My Groups page.


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  • crazy_mom2_1 answered 6 years ago
    those who joined via e-mail can only unsub via e-mail however leaving a group via the unsubscibe e-mail is faulty, if that's the only way you can leave, you will need the help form

    go to group home page and click edit membership top middle of page- bottom right click Leave Group- next page confirm and click Leave
    go to this link http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups click edit my groups on the top left- locate group (if there's more than one) under the last column check the small box - click save changes
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  • I want quit from yahoo groups?
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