In which Vishnu Avatara you would like to place your belief?

1. Matsya : descended into the waters and brought up these sacred books. ( Can a fish be interested in Books? )

2. Kurma: Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a tortoise and took the newly created earth on his back in order to render stability to the trembling globe. ( Any evidence of such a huge Tortoise or any thing needs support to stay in space. There is water only on earth Then how can earth be in water)

3. Varaha: In periodical destruction of the world, once the earth sunk into the deep waters. Lord Vishnu, the great preserver, taking the form of a boar (Varaha), descended into the waters and drew up the earth with the help of his tusks.

4. Narasingh :This special form was adopted by Lord Vishnu to kill a demoniac ruler Hiranyakashyap, who had pleased the Lord Brahma with his religious offerings. ( Why could not he could not win Hiranyakashyap with love? Why Vishnu hates everyone who does not want to give their control to gods and immediately jumps for their destruction without respecting their choice their freedom to choose their way of living?)

5. Vaman: He became manifest in His Dwarf Avatar of Vaman for the purpose of restraining Bali. ( Why could not he ask directly if he was not wrong? why did he cheated on Bali?)

6.Parusuram: Parasuram was a brahmin who manifested himself. This appearance was for the purpose of killing kshatriyas. ( What ideal could he give to todays generation?)

7.Rama: Killed ravana and left his wife in jungles just because someone said something. (What heroic deed has he done in his life besides killing ravana?)

8. Balaram: There is lot of confusion whether balaram was really Vishnu's avatar or not. But he is believed to be one.

9. Krishna: if you read Mahabharata you will know about all the advices he gave to Arjun and justified everything that was against the rules of war. His Motto WIN no matter what it takes to win.

10 Kalaki: This avatar will appear seated on a white horse with a drawn sword blazing like a comet. (Imagine a horse in the middle of the road with all the automobiles around)

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    half knowledge is worse then ignorance

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    Lot of questions are coming here with doubting God.Some things are still beyond the science.God is like the Universe or Space..the science can't find the starting and ending of them till now.So.. whether we believe or not, we should not criticise the god till to find the truth.

    The man wants the god very close to him.Some imaginations like Ram,Shiva make this as possible because they are imagined by the people like a man.. so the people think the god is very close to them and feel safe.

    We are criticising the imagination only..but..behind that... an endless thing is there like space still the science can,t find it.

  • You gave the info's wrong!!!

    Matsya, in this fish avatar, he killed a daemon who lived in Ocean! and it was a time for distraction, so he told Manu to take all the plants, and 7 Saints with him!

    Kurma: It was not earth, and this didn't happened on earth, it was in Ocean of Milk, Vishnu took kurma avatar to support, Mount Mandara, with Vasuki wrapped around it, during Samudra manthan, the churning of the ocean of milk.

    Varaha: Vishnu appeared in order to defeat Hiranyaksha, a demon who had taken the Earth (Prithvi) and carried it to the bottom of what is described as the cosmic ocean.

    Narasingh:Vishnu killed a rakshasa known as Hiranyaksha. Hiranyaksha's brother Hiranyakashipu, greatly angered by this, started to abhor Lord Vishnu and his followers. To which end he decides to attempt to kill Vishnu by gaining mystical powers, which he believes Brahma, the chief among the devas will award him if he undergoes many years of great austerity and penance. Can you win a Atheist's heart, with few nice words? No, the same way was Hiranyakashipu, His Son tried to convince but, Hiranyakashipu didn't heard!

    Vaman:Vamana taught King Mahabali that arrogance and pride should be abandoned if any advancement in life is to be made, and that wealth should never be taken for granted since it can so easily be taken away. Vamana then took on the form of Mahavishnu. He was pleased by King Mahabali's determination and ability to keep his promise in the face of his spiritual master's curse and the prospect of losing all his wealth. Vishnu named the King Mahabali since he was a Mahatma (great soul). He allowed Mahabali to return to the spiritual sky to associate with Prahalada (the demoniac Hiranyakashipu's pious son, also a descendant of the demon race) and other divine beings. Mahavishnu also declared that Mahabali would be able to rule the universe in the following yuga (age).

    Parusuram: He is famous for killing the Haihaya-Kshatriyas on the earth 21 times for their Ahankara (pride and arrogance). He wanted to spread and preserve the Vedic culture on Earth .He wanted this earth to stay alive for Jeev shrishti like birds, animals, trees, fruits & whole of Nature. He explained that Dharma of Raja was to spread Vedic life & not empowering its praja through kingdom.

    Rama: Rama was born to kill Ravana, He was an ideal king that, for his people he left his wife, not bcuz he was interested in king ship, but to show how a king should be!

    Krishna: Arjuna is a warrior, he wanted to run from battle field, so Krishna enlightened him by, saying, that soul is untouchable, indestructible, it has no birth nor death, the mortal body is temporary! besides kauravas cheated pandavas, they went in Adharma!

    Kalaki: Your not sure, if we will have automobiles, there maybe a war and world may loose everything, even if we have automobiles, wat if God takes a Horse?

    So you gave everything wrong, you did not understood the vedic principles!!

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    You can't explain every "Avtar" in 2 or 3 lines,

    You don't have right to say anything about any religion,

    All above "Avtar" is very complicated to understand.

    I also can't explain you in Yahoo Answer only.

    You required deep study or required a good teacher(Guru) who can explain you.

    Om Shanti Om

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    krishna :

    if u dnt believe in god atleast dnt doubt it. whatever u r 2day just bcoz of god......the whole world is just a gift of god......nd i suggest u not 2 read bhagwat gita.......its holy nd u r not capable only understand even big rishis are not able to follow or clearly understand then what v are.......plz believe in god , have faith in god.....jai shri krishna...

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    baby krishna

    he is cute!! :)

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