How to block internet downloading?

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  • Mnm . answered 5 years ago
The solution that you are seeking can be achieved in the server model easily, however if you are the administrator of your computer and hopefully using Windows XP as an OS then make a restricted user that you want for restricted permission for downloading. Now open gpedit.msc from Run box and under windows component there are several options that you can try to disable. But I would recommend you to disable the disk in My Computer for the user so they cannot save the downloaded program. Also disable any USB flash media so that the user cannot use any external media to save the downloaded item.

Hope you get my points.



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  • Rehber answered 2 months ago
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  • Deadly Dk answered 5 years ago
    just go to tools menu of ur IE and go to options button then
    click on security tab and go to download and disable file download from here u can also disable some more under download


    My used experience i am a computer engineer
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  • Y@hOO!! Answer!ng M@(h!ne!!!! answered 5 years ago
    Make a limited user account and use it to access internet.
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  • Prakash answered 5 years ago
    just tell wat kind of downloading is it for windows update or direct or torrent ...mostly u can cancel by hitting cancel button..
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  • ~o0o~ answered 5 years ago
    the easiest way is to be the administrator of the computer then control the usage of other users (guest accounts). to do that, log in as administrator, then click
    Start > Run > Type : "Control UserPasswords2"
    highlight the administrator account and click Property. on the setting, prohibit the download, run and installation of any programs and software in your PC. don't forget to password protect your administrator's account then restart the computer after making the changes. this time, guest users cannot be able to download, run and install any programs/softwares in your PC.
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  • Teja answered 5 years ago
    1.cancel it if you dont want
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  • shonzzzz answered 5 years ago
    justt cancel it...........
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