Bloody Mary? Is the mirror thing true?

I'm extremely gullible and freaked out when it comes to ghost stuff, especially this 'Bloody Mary' thing....have you people tried it before? What happened, nothing? lol...I wanna know..


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    1 decade ago
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    Nothing happened.

    Did you know that Mary is the half sister of Queen Elizabeth I? Mary was 2nd to the throne after Henry's first son (name escapes me but I wanna say Henry, lol). When his son died, Mary was next in line to take the thrown. She received the nickname "Blood Mary" because France was Protestant and anyone who was Catholic was beheaded.

    Elizabeth then took the thrown and reversed it. She was Catholic.

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    Oh god it's been so long since i've heard about that. I tried it a couple times back in middle school. I can't remember if i ever locked the door or not, though, I was always too scared lol. But I never saw Bloody Mary. It's just one of those things like the chain mails "If you don't send this to ten people in the next 3 seconds your cat will murder your mother" type things. But it is still fun at slumber parties :) Plus i'm sure with a good imagination you'll probably see something.

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    I first heard about Bloody Mary when I was about 6 years old and I remember never being able to look into a mirror without fear and I ALWAYS slept with a stuffed animal on either side of me.

    Once I was grown, although still kinda creepy, you learn that those things are not true... basically just a good old fashioned ghost story meant to instill fear at slumber parties.

    So, rest assured it's just an urban legend.

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    No, it's not.

    Bloody Mary is a drink and a queen, not a mirror thing.

    I remember being in 4th grade, and all the girls were obsessed with this Bloody Mary thing, so they said it into the mirror three times, flicked the lights off, and ran out screaming. I just stood there, brushing my hair, and they were going, "OLIVIA! GET OUT! BLOODY MARY IS GOING TO KILL YOU!" And I was like "No she's not." And they went "You don't have any proof!" And I said "Neither do you."

    That was the end of the Bloody Mary phase.

    Logic always wins.


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    I have tried it but nothing has ever happens. When ever I do it I just freak myself out because you have to sit there and keep saying it in the dark. I think that is just what scares people.

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    1 decade ago

    Not true.

    Kids do that to each other to scare each other and when you fall for it, they laugh at you.

    She was a Queen who killed People who weren't Catholic and earned herself the name "Bloody Mary"

    Its Also a Alcoholic drink too.

    Its Fake, so ddon'tbelieve it and trying the mmirrorthing ddoesn'twork.

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    To be totally honest with you, I wouldn't try it. But, on the other hand, no it wouldn't work.

    She was a catholic who murdered others who wasn't catholic and was a sister to Queen Elizabeth the 1st. The reason she was called "Bloody Mary" was because she killed whoever wasn't catholic.

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    1 decade ago

    No im afraid too=P

    Have you ever tried the apple thing?Im too scared but im a lil curious hahahah

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    I think what happens is you haven't been blinking for a while so your eyes do this crazy thing where you see yourself in red...I tried it with my friend and we saw her glasses and my baseball cap, so you were just seeing our own reflection and creeping ourselves out!

  • Bloody Mary isn't true... I tried it didnt work :[

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